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Collaboration Between Ikea And Sonos On The Symfonisk Floor Light Speaker

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Collaboration Between Ikea And Sonos On The Symfonisk Floor Light Speaker-GadgetAny
Ikea and Sonos

In January 2023, a new floor lamp speaker from Ikea and Sonos will be made available. It will be included in their well-liked and reasonably priced Symfonisk series of Wi-Fi speakers with Sonos capabilities.

The American manufacturer of wireless home speakers and the Swedish furniture legend started working together in 2019 with the release of the first Symfonisk table lamp speaker. Since then, the range has expanded to include bookshelf speakers, picture frame speakers, and even a second generation of the table lamp last year, all of which are targeted at audiophiles on a tight budget who want to join the Sonos network of network speakers.

According to Stjepan Begic, range design leader at Ikea of Sweden, the Symfonisk floor lamp marks new ground for the two businesses. They hope to increase the line’s adaptability by enabling customers to “furnish with light and sound” and place the lamp wherever it is required, resolving the “challenge of not having enough room for a table to put the lamp on.”

Ikea and Sonos

The floor lamp resembles the gen-2 table lamp in terms of style and was commended by our reviewer for its room-filling ambient sound quality. However, it stands on three thin legs and has a weaved bamboo shade that, based on images in the press kit, appears to emit a gentle, warm light. If that hue doesn’t go with your decor, you can also get more. The table lamp’s play and volume up/down controls, as well as its fabric cover, appear to be shared by the speaker base as well.

The floor lamp can be stereo linked with another floor lamp, just like the table lamp and bookshelf speakers in the Symfonisk portfolio and many of Sonos’ own speakers do (according to Sonos, you can’t mix and match speakers to do this, though). It can also be incorporated as rear surrounds in a Sonos system with a soundbar like a Sonos Arc, Beam, or Ray for cinematic and television sound that fills the room.

Ikea and Sonos

Users of Sonos will  be familiar with the straightforward setup process for the Sonos S2 app, which can also be used to control, connect to other music streaming services, and configure the speakers. Like many of Sonos’ most recent speakers, the Symfonisk series does not support Alexa or Google voice assistants; however, if you have an iOS smartphone, they are AirPlay 2 compatible and can be musically adjusted for your environment with Sonos Truplay. Through the Ikea Home app and Dirigera smart home hub, Symfonisk devices may also be added and managed.

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According to Sara Lincoln, lead product manager at Sonos, “The Symfonisk floor light speaker is a terrific illustration of how our partnership continues to challenge the traditional idea of sound in the home.” The floor lamp speaker was designed to be both adaptable and provide outstanding sound on its own. It is an excellent alternative for people wishing to add rear speakers to their home cinema setup and works well with all of our Sonos speakers.

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Ikea will start selling the Ikea-Sonos Symfonisk floor light speaker on January 30, 2023, for $260.

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