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Combat in Sonic Frontiers Actually Looks Fantastic for the First Time!

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The most recent gameplay trailer for Sonic Frontiers, which shows off fighting and upgrades, has added to the game's positive buzz. Additionally, the November 8 release of Sonic Frontiers for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch won't be a straightforward dash from point A to point B over the Starfall Islands. Along the way, Sonic will encounter many opponents that resemble aliens. Thankfully, the newest game trailer demonstrates that our boy is equipped with a new and improved set of attacks and skills to face them. Sonic Frontiers Furthermore, using the new additions appears to be a lot of fun. The trailer demonstrated moves like the upgraded homing attack and drop dash, as well as brand-new moves like Phantom Rush, which has Sonic leaving behind afterimages of himself as he dazzles opponents with a barrage of punches and kicks. Then, there is the Sonic Boom - a playful allusion as well as an attack that features Sonic launching a series of arched projectiles that would make Guile from Street Fighter 6 blush. Moreover, each teaser contributed in some little way to repairing Sonic Frontier's reputation after the disastrous early presentation. Therefore, many devoted fans of Sonic are actually starting to like this game and believe it might be quite nice. What's more It appears that Sonic Frontiers' combat isn't terrible. What makes that such a big deal, though? Well, for one thing, Sonic games have never been particularly successful at getting combat right. For instance, Shadow the Hedgehog's awkward (and horribly edgy) emphasis on gun-based combat absolutely fell flat. In addition, concentration on Wii motion-based swordplay let down Sonic and the Black Knight, a pretty undervalued game. Moreover, Sonic Unleashed came close with its Werehog combat sequences and an almost fighting game-like move set, but the gameplay felt slow and underdeveloped. Sonic Frontiers Therefore, Sonic Frontiers represents a major shift since it's the first time combat in a Sonic game actually looks fantastic. Of course, until we have the game in our hands, we won't truly understand how these new powers and their upgrades feel. Frontiers, though, is noticeably more polished overall when compared to even the very recent Sonic Forces. Also, Read-  Some Amazing Xbox Accessibility Settings

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