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Commuting Becomes Easier With Aventon’s Upgraded Level.2 E-bike

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Commuting Becomes Easier With Aventon’s Upgraded Level.2 E-bike-GadgetAny

Aventon, an ebike company, has been updating all of its popular electric bicycles to make the commute faster and more comfortable. 

It has improved features such as better frames, built-in LED lighting, and full-color displays with Bluetooth connectivity. With the release of the Aventon Level.2 commuter e-bike, the Level is getting an upgrade.

The way the motor is activated is a significant new update to the bike. The bike is propelled by a 500W continuous-rated rear hub motor that can be overclocked to 750W, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km/h) with throttle control or 28 mph (45 km/h) with pedal assist.

This motor also includes a torque sensor, which is a first for the company and promises more nuanced and responsive pedal assistance.

Unlike cadence sensors, torque sensors measure how hard you’re pedaling rather than how fast you’re pedaling.

The 8-speed gear set provides more ride flexibility, and there is also a throttle mode for when you don’t have the energy to climb the last hill before work.

The battery, which is lockable and removable, has also received an upgrade, now boasting up to 60 miles of use per charge with the lower pedal assist levels engaged. Riding on the throttle will drain the battery faster, but a reasonable 25 mile (40 km) range is still likely.

There is more to it than these features. The upgraded bike now has bluetooth capability, allowing you to pair it with a smartphone for improved fitness monitoring, and the color LCD display is now fully backlit, allowing you to check important ride metrics at night.

In terms of frame-integration, take a look at those tail lights. Like on Aventon’s other popular electric bikes, the tail lights are integrated into the seat stays on the back of the frame. That means you’ll have good visibility from the back and sides at night. The front headlight is handlebar mounted, so it can turn with you as you steer around a corner.

The exterior is outfitted with integrated safety lighting.

The Aventon Level.2 has 27.5 x 2.1′′ tires and is outfitted with a full fender package to keep water and mud from getting all over you. A rear rack adorns the back, ready for commuters to strap on panniers or an additional cargo box for carrying gear.

The bike is available in both a step-over frame (54 pounds or 24.5 kg) and a step-through frame (52 pounds or 23.6 kg).

Polar White, Himalayan Pink, Glacier Blue, and Clay are among the four colorways available.

The new Aventon Level.2 is now available on Aventon’s website for $1,949 USD.

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