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"CONVINCE YOUR BOSS" To allow You Remote Work Forever in 4 Steps

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More than half of those who now work from home plan to continue doing so. But can we truly work from home all the time? HR professionals will need to continue navigating remote work conditions, be ready to go back to work soon, and make plans for the days when everyone is back on site. So, here are some tips to convince your boss to allow you work from home forever. remote work forever Concentrate Your Conversation on Productivity: Whatever your reason for permanent remote working is, make sure to highlight all the benefits that remote work may provide for the business. It all boils down to output. Show some instances of how your productivity has increased since being remote. Be Clear on your points: You want to keep your tone in a way that makes your boss as receptive and accommodating to your request as possible even as you list all the ways being entirely remote increases your productivity. Repeat items your boss says to demonstrate that you are paying attention and getting their point. work from home Be Honest  Your employer likely is aware that you aren't only looking for remote work for the benefit of the organization. Be honest if you have legitimate worries about childcare, transportation, or COVID. And if it makes sense for your relationship with your boss, you might think about finding out their personal opinions. Most of our bosses value our willingness to interact with them as a real person. Choose the right mode: If you are going to initiate the conversation to ask forever remote work for yourself, then first choose the right time and right mode to converse. Avoid talking about it when your boss is worries about targets & Productivity.

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