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Cox Again Jumps on the Mobile Business Bandwagon

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Cox (an American telecommunication provider) recently announced in a blog post the launch of a pilot for Cox Mobile available to its internet customers this week. Apparently, this is the company’s second attempt to get back into the mobile industry after its previous major attempt in 2010. However, back then, Cox shut down its efforts after less than two years due to its inability to offer customers “iconic phones” like iPhones with its suite of feature phones and Android handsets. 

Cox’s New Endeavor in the Mobile Business

Cox Mobile will give customers access to 4G and 5G coverage and “on-the-go Wi-Fi hotspots.” In addition, they can access high-speed data plans like “Pay As You Gig.” It will enable them to pay for the data they need and an unlimited data plan called “Gig Unlimited.”  cox   Furthermore, according to The Wall Street Journal, Cox Mobile will offer the Gig Unlimited plan starting at $45. Additionally, customers will have to pay another $15/month for 1GB of data and any additional GB after that.  Interestingly, several reports note that the company almost rolled out Cox Mobile in October last year. However, it didn’t happen due to ongoing litigation with T-Mobile tied to its previous relationship with Sprint (now owned by T-Mobile). The bright side is that Cox won the litigation in March this year following the appeal of an earlier ruling that sided with T-Mobile allowing them to pursue a contract with a service provider of their choice.  Cox   On another note, Cox’s cable services are available in several US states. However, the company said in its blog post announcing Cox Mobile that the new mobile service will only be available in three markets - Hampton Roads, Virginia; Omaha, Nebraska; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortunately, Cox promises to roll out the service to other markets throughout the rest of the year. 

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