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Create 3D Holograms in iPhones Now – See How!

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Create 3D Holograms in iPhones Now – See How!-GadgetAny
Create a hologram with an iPhone

A YouTuber going by the username “Mrwhosetheboss” posted a video showing how users can make hologram in iPhone. Interestingly, the YouTuber posted the two-minute-long video a few years back, which has since garnered more than 24 million views. According to the YouTuber, developing a hologram from an iPhone is “actually much simpler” than people think. Additionally, the YouTuber used these materials – graph paper, tape, pen, scissors, a smartphone, and a CD case. Although, a flexible screen protector will be much better than a CD case.

Create a hologram with an iPhone


Here’s how to create a hologram in iPhone?

1. Draw a rhombus on graph paper with the following dimensions – 1 cm x 3.5 cm x 6 cm. 

2. Cut the rhombus shape with scissors. Note: It will act as a template for cutting the screen protector.

3. Trace the rhombus shape onto the screen protector using the template. Note: Do it four times to get four rhombus-shaped screen protectors. 

4. After cutting them out, paste all the four rhombuses together with a tape in a pyramidal shape. Note: The bottom and top of the pyramid will remain open.

Thus, your own 3D hologram projector is now ready to go. In addition, to test it out, you can use a hologram video of your choice from YouTube. Interestingly, there are videos created explicitly for this purpose. So now, place the DIY 3D hologram projector in the center of the screen of your iPhone. Then switch off the lights, press play, and enjoy a 3D hologram show created by yourself.

Awanish Kumar

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