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Create exciting new emojis with Google in the Emoji Kitchen 

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Create exciting new emojis with Google in the Emoji Kitchen -GadgetAny
emoji combos Emoji Kitchen

Recent reports reveal that Google is now offering some fresh emoji combos in the Emoji Kitchen. The new stickers result from fusing the emotions of one emoji with the characteristics of another emoji. 

Moreover, Google even suggests emoji combos based on users’ texts and the emojis they have been using. Additionally, users can also create a combination by themselves. Interestingly, this fusion of emojis results in funny combinations. 

Furthermore, a Twitter user recently posted that Google has four new emojis for use in the Emoji Kitchen mash-ups. The latest addition includes Paw Prints, Cherries, Watermelon, and Rock emojis. In addition, so far, the Emoji Kitchen supports 400 emojis with around 20,000 possible combinations. 

emoji combos Emoji Kitchen

Here are the steps to create a mash-up in the Emoji Kitchen

  • Open any messaging app
  • Open the Gboard by tapping on the text bar
  • Click on the emoji icon present on the left of the space bar
  • Select a “base” emoji 
  • After that, select a second emoji 
  • Lastly, select any funny mash-up options that appear below the text bar.

Note: Emoji Kitchen does not support the gesture, person, and flag emojis. The reason for excluding these three categories might be to avoid disrespecting and/or insulting people or any country. 

Additionally, it is essential to note that this impressive feature is only available on Android smartphones. So, for instance, while texting, a user includes an emoji, Google will automatically suggest some superfun combinations. Lastly, users can choose one recommended by Google or create their own. In any case, this sure is an exciting and fun way to come up with unique and different emojis. 

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