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Creators can now remix on YouTube Shorts

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Creators can now remix on YouTube Shorts-GadgetAny

YouTube announced on Thursday, April 14, that it will now allow remix on YouTube Shorts. Additionally, creators can now splice YouTube’s billion of long videos to add to their Shorts. YouTube Shorts is a short-form video-sharing platform on YouTube, similar to TikTok and IG Reels. These short videos are 60 seconds in length. 

Moreover, previously, creators of Shorts were only able to use short audio clips from other videos on YouTube. However, the new update will enable them to use one to five-second segments from long-form and other Short videos. Consequently, the creators can use these short clips to develop new short-form videos. 


Furthermore, the new remix on YouTube Shorts with the clip from an existing video will consist of a link to the original video. Hence, the original video will get credit in the new short-form video. Additionally, creators will get access to billions of eligible YouTube videos. But, users cannot remix videos with a copyright claim or privacy setting for YouTube Shorts. Plus, creators who do not want their content remixed have an option to do so. However, the new update can benefit a creator if their content becomes viral or if others remix it extensively.  

Additionally, permitting remix on YouTube Shorts is the company’s bid to rival popular TikTok features Stitch and viral audio-based trends. In addition, iOS users will soon be able to use the latest update in the coming weeks. But, Android users will have to wait a bit longer to remix YouTube Shorts. On an added note, YouTube also revealed that Shorts will now be accessible through the web and tablets. The new Shorts tab will soon appear across devices over the next few weeks.

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