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Custom Hoverboard: Powered Entirely by Raspberry Pi

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Custom Hoverboard: Powered Entirely by Raspberry Pi-GadgetAny

Orhan Günsal, a maker and developer, utilized the Raspberry Pi minicomputer to power a cool hoverboard with wireless capability. The Raspberry Pi may be used for numerous creative projects.

On YouTube, Günsal posted a brief demonstration of the project that included the hoverboard. The hoverboard has four wheels that are each driven by a 250-watt motor, and it is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B. In addition, the hoverboard has a 36-volt 8.8a battery and web wifi. According to Tom’s Hardware, the inventor built a special Python script to operate the wheels over an Apache web server.

Image credit: digitaltrends

You can sign in wirelessly to do this using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The hoverboard’s movements are limited to forward, backward, and rotating in different directions, but even for a tiny robot, they are amusing.

Günsal is anticipated to post further updates on the progress of this Raspberry Pi hoverboard project in addition to this demo on his YouTube channel.

There are other unusual uses for Raspberry Pi devices besides this. A dead Vox guitar amp was brought back to life in June by developer David Silverman using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer, a class D amplifier, and some specially created Python scripts.

He was able to add some personalized audio tuning, such as delay, reverb, distortion, WAH, bass, mid, and treble, with knobs to manually tune each additional feature, using his own unique code. In the casing, he also included LEDs that light up when the guitar is played.

The project, according to Silverman, took him several months to complete because different tuning proved to be difficult. He currently makes available on Github his unique Python routines, though.

Raspberry Pi is a well-known choice for enabling individuals to construct DIY projects. It is a little computer that costs $35. The Raspberry Pi 4 is the most recent model of the diminutive computer and is expected to function with Günsal’s hoverboard project.

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