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Dashlane helps you shed your master password for ever

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Image credit : PR Newswire Passwords are the misery of our modern internet existence; not only do you have to create one for each service you use, remember it, but they are also vulnerable to phishing attacks and data leaks. Even though Google is the most recent company to adopt passkeys, we still can't seem to get rid of the master passwords for our password managers. Dashlane seeks to remedy this by introducing a passwordless login option for its own password manager, although it does not use a passkey for this. Passkeys are already supported by Dashlane's browser extension (and will soon be available on Android 14), but only for the passwords you store there. In contrast to those lengthy and difficult-to-remember master passwords, the company is utilizing a new, proprietary approach for authenticating into the Dashlane app, which is marketed as an easy authentication process. You can choose not to create a master password when you initially join up for Dashlane and instead create a PIN. For even speedier sign-ins, you can choose to use the fingerprint or facial recognition features of your phone's biometric security check. You may validate your Dashlane account logins on other devices by just scanning a QR code from your phone because the PIN is tied to the phone it was set up on. Dashlane intends to provide a one-time recovery key for account retrieval for situations where you are unable to access your phone or have forgotten your PIN. [caption id="attachment_169633" align="aligncenter" width="728"]dashlane-password-manager Image credit : The Hacker News[/caption] Dashlane stated that it purposefully stayed away from passkeys for its own app login setup in a statement to The Verge. Because passkeys are typically tethered to the platform you create them on, such as Google's and Apple's own password management systems for Android and iOS, they aren't "ready" yet. This is the reason Dashlane decided to create its own password-free login system, which it plans to release open source (at least portion of it), in order to increase its security and privacy. But when there is more cross-platform support, the business is still open to employing passkeys. Also read : Microsoft, Google, and Apple are Promoting Passkeys: A World Without Passwords? It is true that using trusted devices and biometric authentication is significantly safer than using weak passwords. A four-digit PIN, on the other hand, is much less secure than a master password that is relatively strong since it is simpler to crack and more open to shoulder surfing, which might pose a serious privacy and security risk, as it did recently for Apple iPhones. Later this year, Dashlane will launch its password-less login feature, and current users will be able to switch to the new login option. If Dashlane's choice to combine PIN and biometric authentication doesn't exactly persuade you, there are a ton of other reliable password managers you may switch to.

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