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DC just spoiled the Black Adam scene for Superman on Social Media

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DC just spoiled the Black Adam scene for Superman on Social Media-GadgetAny
DC just spoiled the Black Adam scene for Superman on Social Media

The theatrical release of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which promises to alter the DCU’s hierarchy, is scheduled for October 21. He won’t be alone though. Black Adam will also include Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman in addition to the Justice Society of America, which includes Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, and other characters.

According to rumors, Cavill shot his post-credits cameo during a round of reshoots. Johnson reportedly personally campaigned for Cavill’s comeback. It’s astonishing that the public already knows about Cavill’s part in the movie. But only hours before the movie’s general release, the studio went one step further with a fresh spoiler-filled social media post.

Black Adam Post-Credits Superman Scene Is Ruined by DC – Henry Cavill’s Superman sequence was given away in a video that the DC Twitter account broadcast before Black Adam’s theatrical release. Do you know what that is? Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam asks Henry Cavill’s Superman as he sends him three Kryptonite-green gem emojis at the start of the trailer.

Superman replies to Black Adam’s insulting messages with, “Cute. Listen, I believe we should speak.” Interestingly, this is a verbatim quotation from Black Adam and Superman’s post-credits sequence.

DC just spoiled the Black Adam scene for Superman on Social Media

In the weeks before the movie’s release, Dwayne Johnson used his social media presence to tease Superman’s appearance, in addition to Warner Bros. and the trades making Cavill’s cameo widely known. In addition to promoting Cavill’s Superman, this new advertisement takes the studio’s spoiler strategy a step further by using actual passages from the film’s climactic scene.

The Spoiler-Rich Marketing Plan of Black Adam – Warner Bros. clearly takes a different approach than other superhero movies, which often aim to avoid extensive spoilers and notably the literal content of post-credits scenes. Before its release, Black Adam has a dismal Rotten Tomatoes rating. Despite the fact that not all critiques are negative about the movie, it doesn’t seem as though it will live up to the Dwayne Johnson hype. It’s possible that a marketing campaign full of spoilers and negative news discouraged customers from going to the movies.

However, Johnson’s long-term strategy might be hinging on the movie’s emphasis on Superman and the post-credits scene. Johnson underlined in the months before the release of Black Adam that this movie is just the start of his future plans for DC movies, crossovers, and the like.

Regardless of how well Black Adam does, the attempt to link Teth-Adam to Superman may be an attempt to raise public expectations for upcoming movie crossovers. The DCU’s future appears to still be up in the air for the time being. However, Superman’s function and his apparent “need to talk” to Black Adam are not.

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