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‘Dead Island 2’ review: A sheer depiction of extreme violence & brutal combat with zombies

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Image credit : Rolling Stone In the enjoyable game Dead Island, you explored a tropical paradise while attempting to flee a zombie invasion. It fell short of the expectations set forth in the sequel's Electronic Entertainment Experience (E3) Trailer, prompting the publishers and developers to be extremely cautious about the promotional materials they released. Dead Island 2 is now available after a lengthy wait. And it represents a pleasant, carefree journey through a Los Angeles in quarantine overrun by zombies. Although the tone may be light and cheerful, be ready for some difficult combat. But the undead in Dead Island 2 are not for the weak of heart. As you slice, slash, flay, beat, burn, and electrocute these walking dead, the gore may get quite graphic. You have been forewarned. ‘Dead Island 2’ game Official Trailer Similar to the first game, you can choose a character from a list of six "slayers" who each have special abilities. You are given a spectacular introduction in which they are all attempting to board an aircraft and leave Los Angeles. However, with the infected aboard, falling is the only option. To learn the truth about the outbreak in the appropriately nicknamed "HELL-A," you must battle your way through swarms of zombies after emerging from the rubble with a small group of survivors. Thankfully, after getting bitten at the game's beginning, you are immune to infection. Although there are guns, the primary objective of this horror survivor game is to whack zombies in the face. It takes some getting used to the fighting mechanics, especially with the shaky dodge and the meagre melee assault. However, if you time the prompts correctly, you can get a fun insta-kill. As soon as you master it, you'll be dodging like Muhammad Ali. You get the impression that you are watching Daredevil or Oldboy during every encounter in the game. You need to improvise a lot, and the game gives you the chance to do so. To make elemental traps to boil, shock, and burn the zombies, you must employ electrical wires, water, oil, and acid. In each encounter, you must assess the surroundings and enjoy combining different types of traps. When you're finished, you can entice the zombies to your makeshift electrical puddle so they can get fried. [caption id="attachment_159136" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]Dead Island 2 Image credit : Dead Island 2[/caption] Dead Island 2 features stunning visuals. Particularly impressive is the work put into the layers of the zombies' flesh, which respond differently depending on the sort of weapon employed. You can modify your weapons at workbenches to combat the swarms of zombies, but you can also collect skill cards to add new skills, perks, and other features. Also read : Apple iPhone Dynamic Island Clone Coming to Android, According to Realme Leak With the release of Resident Evil 4 and the current release of Dead Island 2, April is shaping up to be quite the zombie festival. All you have to do is decide where you want to go: a Spanish village, LA, or both? However, Dead Island 2 distinguishes out for its vicious fighting and stunning graphics. The fun is multiplied if you can co-op with a friend.

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