Defective Play Station 5 Chips in ASRock Rig

PS5 chips

A Twitter user named Komachi discovered defective Play Station 5 chips in the ASRock rig. The crypto mining computer allegedly consists of twelve repurposed PS5 chips. In addition, it costs around $14,800. Plus, it is developed in partnership with AMD. Also, it is not the first time Sony has tried to clear its inventory with PS5 APU chips that did not make the cut. For instance, AMD previously released a desktop kit equipped with a Zen 2-based 4700S chip, another repurposed PS5’s APU that did not clear Sony’s strict quality control (QC) process.


Moreover, unlike Nvidia RTX 3090, which delivers 120 MH/s, ASRock’s cryptocurrency mining rig is powerful enough to produce 610 MH/s. Also, it offers 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, consists of five cooling fans, and two 1200 W PSUs. What’s odd is that there is no mention of the rig on ASRock’s official website. Furthermore, the defective Play Station 5 chips in the ASRock rig are officially called AMD BC-250 mining APUs. As reported by Tom’s Hardware, they are in high demand among cryptocurrency miners, especially in Europe. Consequently, it is sold in Slovenia at a shocking price of €13,499.

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