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Denise Richards is making a huge sum from Onlyfans.

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Denise Richards is making a huge sum from Onlyfans.-GadgetAny

The Wild Things star announced on Thursday through Instagram that she was following her daughter of 18 years Samantha’s steps and signed up to the adult social media subscription platform. The announcement was made with the video of her wearing an all-white dress and going straight into the sea.


The move comes a few days after the 51-year old stepped up in her support for Sami joining OnlyFans following Richards ex-boyfriend and Sami’s father the actor Charlie Sheen initially declared his disapproval.

On the week, Richards was vocal about her child and challenged the ones who made judgments, such as Sheen. Furthermore, Richards hinted at possibly joining the website after praising her daughter’s capacity to earn money from her work.

denise richards-Onlyfans
denise richards-Onlyfans

Denise Richards Onlyfans Earnings

Denise Richards’ husband shoots ‘a lot’ of her OnlyFans content: ‘He knows what guys like’.  Denise Richards has over 5,000 subscribers who pay $25.00 per month to view her content. She’s uploaded  113 posts so far.  Exluding VIP content by she must be making around $129,000.00 USD per month.

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