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Designer: Valve's Next-Gen Steam Deck Will Arrive 'Few Years From Now'

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Steam Deck fans will be waiting years for a “true next-gen” model. (Image credit- NME)

Valve, an American video game developer company may forethought for the upcoming Steam Deck to launch publicly, but as of now, users would have allayed on the new portable console from the company. Additionally, it is claimed by the designer of the next-generation Steam Deck that the second generation of this device will be a "few years off," and it may be taking more time than expected. However, the expected release of the series of Steam Deck is giving the hint to its users that they can enjoy their gaming experience and will look forward to hanging on with more such series in the upcoming years.
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According to a report, there would be anticipation regarding the next-gen Steam Deck coming at the earliest to the gamer's world, still, the "soon" word shown on the news timeline will make you wait more this time. Lawrence Yang, the Valve designer, gave a statement that the next Steam Deck may be "a few years off" for it to reach its users. In addition, Yang considered that "a true next-gen Deck with a significant bump in horsepower wouldn't be for a few years." He stated this as a reward because the company cheerfully completed one year of the launch of Steam Deck. Also,  they are planning its series to reveal and make it available to its users. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3032"]Valve launches Steam Deck, a $400 PC gaming portable | TechCrunch Image credit- Tech Crunch[/caption] According to the reports,  the Steam Deck is efficient in running the 8,000 titles available on its Verified list and Library, furthermore, higher-end games may give it a tough time in its processes. Simultaneously, it can get the user's demand to launch its next-generation Steam Deck soon so that they can enjoy more power and features of the new series. Although, when Valve finally rolled out the Steam Deck, it got a massive response from the customers as it created a terrific wave in the gamer's world through its performance and specs. Substantially, the paradigmatic thing regarding the Steam Deck is that it gives abundant choices of games, which is compatible with the console and can run on the Pc too. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="820"]Valve's Next-Gen Steam Deck is Coming Later, 'Few Years Off' Says Designer  | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] As the Steam Deck runs on a Linux-based gaming console, it abruptly handled the devices and gives more power to its users to enhance their gaming experience. It can be said that its uniqueness makes the Steam Deck one of the most recognized handhelds in the market. Speculations are rife that, amid its release date, Valve is looking forward to developing the Steam Deck 2.0, which will move around on a 4K-capable device and a more powerful gaming experience. Also read: Do Not Try This Steam Deck “RGB Mod” Yet as It May Damage Your Console Meanwhile, the recent announcement from the designer of the Steam Deck gives sad vibes to the gamers, as they have to wait more for its upcoming iteration.

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