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Did you know about the Caviar Apple Watch 7 Edition?

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Did you know about the Caviar Apple Watch 7 Edition?-GadgetAny
Caviar Apple Watch 7 Edition

Apple first released a gold-plated smartwatch with the original Apple Watch Edition. Then, unfortunately, the Cupertino tech giant switched to the more affordable ceramic and titanium Apple Watches instead. However, Caviar did the honors of introducing them back in the market for fans who’d wish to have that gold-plated smartwatch again. 

Caviar is a Russian brand of exclusive accessories like smartphones, watches, and jewelry items. The brand uses precious stones, gold, and genuine leather to offer its customers the most sophisticated luxe-class elegant products. Recently, Caviar introduced a series based on the Apple Watch 7, falling mainly into two versions. 

Caviar Apple Watch 7 Limited Edition series

The first version flaunts embossed ornamentation inspired by the works of Gustave Young. Gustave was a renowned 19th-century engraver of American firearms. In addition, the first version of the Apple Watch 7 limited edition by Caviar has been named the Moon series. Users have four options to select from in the Moon series – the Night Moon, Blood Moon, Dark Moon, and the Gold Moon. 

Caviar Apple Watch 7

The Moon series starts at $3,260 with the Nigth Moon, with the most expensive being the Gold Moon at $25,070. The Night Moon version covers the smartwatch in white bronze and has a black crocodile leather strap. Most importantly, there are only 99 copies of it available. In addition, the Gold version’s availability is limited to 8 copies. It covers the smartwatch in 18K gold and has a brown crocodile leather strap. 

The second version of the Caviar’s Apple Watch 7 limited edition contains two Rivets watches that boast an industrial look. Additionally, they both have aviation-grade titanium bodies with black PVD coating. The other versions of this edition include the Line and Flame versions. Likewise, they also possess a titanium body with laser-engraved decorative patterns. Lastly, their price tags fall in the mid $3,000 price range. 

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