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Direct mail: Why It Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

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While marketers have narrowed their attention to the data-driven advertising campaigns made possible by digital channels that provide precise audience targeting, immediate metrics, and omnipresence at very large scales, one of the least digital marketing channels has not only maintained its position in the toolkits of both large corporations and small businesses, but has also subtly grown into one of their most important resources for generating bottom-line results. Some may believe that direct mail is becoming less relevant in a market that is becoming more digital; however, the evidence (and human psychology) argue against this. In reality, many marketing teams have found that when the same audience is targeted across multiple channels, combining the reach of digital advertising with the powerful impression of direct mail may yield big results. With Taradel, one of the top systems for integrating digital and direct mail marketing, businesses can simultaneously reach highly targeted customers online and in their actual mailboxes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="960"]How Direct Mail Can Enhance Your Digital Efforts Image credt- Forbes[/caption] Our understanding of why direct mail continues to be one of the most effective strategies for client connection and how it fits into a digital campaign was aided by Jim Fitzgerald, CEO of Taradel. It is obvious that there is an overabundance of advertising and marketing outlets on the internet environment. Every marketer is aware that it is harder than ever to get the attention of the consumer at a time of unprecedented distraction. People are used to tuning out, skipping, and swiping past commercials with ninja-like accuracy because there are so many advertisers competing for attention online, according to Fitzgerald. Many marketing departments have increased their resources in channels with lower competition as a result. Direct mail avoids the digital ecosystem's distractions while still directly engaging customers in a way that makes them more difficult to ignore. In some industries, direct mail actually performs better than digital. Direct mail could provide the concrete, direct influence on clients that these companies require in a weak economy and provide them a competitive edge in a market that is becoming more volatile. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Creative Direct Mail Tips: How to Boost Responses and Save Money Image credit- PC/nametag[/caption] That holds true for restaurants, doctors' offices, and real estate agents, according to a recent Taradel investigation. Direct mail tends to be appealing to advertisers in these sectors and other markets that depend on establishing connections within local communities, according to Fitzgerald. Numerous studies indicate that customers of all generations consider direct mail as more trustworthy and personal than internet advertisements. In addition, Taradel has observed a rise in the use of direct mail marketing for hiring and recruiting over the past two years as a result of the pandemic's intense competition in the labour market. Measuring ROI can be done easily by monitoring the effectiveness of direct mail initiatives. Fitzgerald says, "Response rates are everything." Direct mail advertisements may be tracked with the same precision as their digital counterparts. In the era of data-driven marketing, he pointed out that many advertisements have integrated features like QR codes, call tracking phone numbers, landing pages, promo codes, and more to improve their performance metrics.

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