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Discord Adds a New Forum Channels Feature

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Discord Adds a New Forum Channels Feature-GadgetAny

Old is gold: Discord, the social messaging platform, recently announced bringing a new feature that resembles classic internet forums, named Forum Channels. 

The social messaging app is a free-range chat room where users can enter a channel to discuss common topics of interest. However, it can be challenging to join a conversation when one has no idea where to start since the feed is a disorganized mess. But Forum Channels is Discord’s attempt to control that chaos by offering specialized channels about a specific topic. 

About Forum Channels

Forum Channels appear as a list of large box posts with a bolded title for its topic. When users click on one topic, Discord takes them to that chat room, where comments are posted chronologically. 



Furthermore, anyone can create these chat rooms, but only server administrators can create a Forum Channel. It is similar to old-school forums, which is quite strange considering Discord was launched as an alternative to that way of online communication.

How to set up the feature

According to Discord, they are currently rolling out the feature to desktop and mobile apps. Thus, users must install the update if they wish to create a Forum Channel for their server. 



Additionally, the company posted instructions on its website on how to create Forum Channels. According to those instructions, people must first create a new channel, select the Forum option, create some guidelines, and finally set permissions for users. 

More Details

Forum Channels come with a search bar for users to quickly find what they are searching for. And it also supports AutoMod, which was what old-school forums lacked. Thus, internet forums have the potential to get out of hand with users going off-topic. 



But, AutoMod overcomes those issues. It is a moderation tool that automatically cleans up Discord channels. For instance, people can adjust the AutoMod to single out disparaging words or off-topic conversations and block users who violate the rules. 

Lastly, Discord updated its API Documentation to include information on Forum Channels for anyone who wishes to create bots for their channel. 

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