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How To Ban Or Unban Someone On Discord?  

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image credit - techclub.com Like any other online site, Discord has rules and guidelines that users must follow. When people break these rules by doing things like harassment, hate speech, or spamming, it is the job of server managers to keep the community's integrity.  You can ban someone on Discord in two ways. One is the usual way to use the choices that Discord gives you, and the other is with the help of bots. The steps are easy to understand. Also read - How To Get Discord On PS5

Ban Someone On Discord via Desktop

The steps are the same for both the web version of Discord and the Windows or Mac desktop app. But for the example, we'll use Mac. 
  • On your Windows or Mac, open the Discord app. Go to the server where you are the owner. 
  • Right-click on the person you want to ban in the right pane.
  • Select "Ban [username]" from the list of options.
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  • Choose the reason for banning the person in the "Would you like to ban [username]?" pop-up, and then delete the message history.
  • Click the Ban button to finish.
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Ban Someone On Discord via Discord Mobile App

Both Android and iOS follow the same steps. We'll use an Android phone for the test. You can follow along if you have iOS.
  • Open the Discord app and go to the group where you want to ban a user.
  • Tap the person icon in the server's upper right corner. Tap on the person you want to ban on the next screen. 
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  • Scroll down on the bottom sheet and click Ban.
  • On the 'Would you like to ban [user]?' screen, choose any choice under 'Delete Message History' and type in the 'Reason for Ban.'
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  • Tap Ban to finish.

Ban on Discord via Bot

  • Open the Discord app on your computer or phone and find your group.
  • Type the code below and press Enter. ?ban [name of person] [reason for ban]
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  • Once the bot has banned a user, it will send a message to that effect.
So there it is. With just one line of code, you have told a person that they can no longer use your server. If you don't want to ban a person but do want to get rid of them from your server, keep reading.

How To Unban Someone On Discord

You can only unban a user on Discord if you are a server administrator or owner, just like you can only ban a user. Let's start with what you need to do on a PC to unban someone.

On Desktop

  • On your Windows or Mac machine, open the Discord app. Go to the server where you are the owner. 
  • Click the button icon next to the name of the server.
  • Choose Server Settings from the drop-down options.
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  • Scroll down until you see the part for managing users, and then click Bans.
  • On the right, you will see a list of banner members. Find the person you want to unban and click on his or her name. 
[caption id="attachment_190824" align="aligncenter" width="1536"]ban-or-unban-someone-on-Discord_12-1536x962 image credit - guidingtech.com[/caption]
  • Choose Revoke Ban from the pop-up menu. 
[caption id="attachment_190823" align="aligncenter" width="1536"]choose-Revoke-Ban-1536x967 image credit - guidingtech.com[/caption]

On Discord Mobile App

  • Open the Discord app and go to the group where the person needs to be unbanned. 
  • Tap on the name of the service and then tap on Settings.
[caption id="attachment_190829" align="aligncenter" width="1404"]ban-or-unban-someone-on-Discord_3-1404x1536 image credit - guidingtech.com[/caption]
  • Scroll down and click on User Management. Then click on Bans.
[caption id="attachment_190828" align="aligncenter" width="1404"]ban-or-unban-someone-on-Discord_2-1404x1536 image credit - guidingtech.com[/caption]
  • Tap on the person on the server you want to let back in. Choose Unban from the pop-up menu.
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