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Discord Nitro vs Basic: Which Subscription is Worth your Purchase?

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Discord has quickly become a go-to communication app for gamers, streamers, and developers alike. With its easy-to-use interface and voice chat function, it's no surprise that the app has amassed up to 250 million users. However, for those who want a little more out of their Discord experience, the app offers a monthly subscription service called Nitro. But is it worth the cost? The two tiers of Nitro, Basic and Nitro, offer different upgrades. Basic includes features such as 50MB uploads, custom emojis, and a Nitro badge on your profile, while Nitro includes 500MB uploads, HD video streaming, access to activities, and custom profiles. Basic costs $2.99 a month and Nitro costs $9.99. While the additional features may seem appealing, they may not be worth the price for casual Discord users. For example, the ability to use an animated GIF as your profile picture is a feature that Nitro offers. It may be amusing, but it's not worth the additional cost if you're not regularly taking advantage of Nitro's other features. Similarly, Nitro's Activities feature allows users to play basic party games like Poker or Chess or watch YouTube videos with friends. While it's a fun idea, it's not what most users go to Discord for. The app's main function is to chat with friends while gaming, not to meet entertainment needs. Netflix Launches Discord Bot for Watch Parties and Spoiler-Free Chat Topics That being said, Nitro may be worth it for those who are Twitch streamers or run larger Discord servers. Streamers, for instance, may require Nitro's high-quality video streaming to showcase their content effectively. Similarly, Discord server owners who have a sizable community may need Nitro's additional features to keep their audience engaged and entertained. For the average user, however, Nitro's features may not be necessary. While Nitro offers some intriguing features, its cost may not be justified for casual Discord users. The app already offers a wide range of useful functions without Nitro, such as voice chat, text chat, and file sharing. Unless you're a frequent streamer or have a large server, it's unlikely that Nitro will add much to your Discord experience. For the most part, Discord's free version is already more than enough.

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