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Discord rolling out AI-powered chatGPT-styled chatbots

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Discord said on Thursday that it is releasing a number of AI-powered features, including a ChatGPT-style chatbot, an update to its moderation tool, an open source avatar remixer, and AI-powered discussion summaries. Discord is the latest company to employ generative AI technology. The new Discord features were made possible by technology from ChatGPT creator OpenAI. In the beginning of this month, OpenAI unveiled "Foundry," a new API interface for their well-liked large language model (LLM). With the help of the ChatGPT API, businesses can quickly include generative text powered by AI into their applications. Businesses like Snapchat and DuckDuckGo have already jumped on board with their own implementations of OpenAI's technologies. In this instance, Discord is modernizing its current robot, "Clyde," utilizing technology from OpenAI. Next week's upgrade will give Clyde the ability to respond to queries, participate in conversations, and suggest playlists. By entering "@Clyde" in a server, users will be able to talk with Clyde in any channel. The bot may also be able to start a thread for group chats. Also, Discord is experimenting with updating its current AutoMod feature to use "OpenAI technology" to track down and notify moderators whenever potential server rules violations occur. Discord hopes to ease the work of manually moderating a server by claiming that it will be able to remember the context of a chat. The company is going to open source a feature called "Avatar Remix" that allows friends to visually change each other's avatars using Stable Diffusion-powered AI image synthesis, drawing on Discord's history as a social generative AI space (Midjourney is hosted entirely through Discord, for example). Today, the Avatar Remix code is accessible on GitHub. Discord says it will roll out "Conversation Summaries" in a select few servers starting next week because LLMs like ChatGPT can automatically summarize text (albeit they occasionally make mistakes). While still in the experimental stage, the business anticipates being able to "bundle streams of communications into subjects," which would make it simpler for others to join current conversations without having to read through a massive backlog. Discord also revealed a collaborative whiteboard with a text-to-image generator and the establishment of a $5 million fund to support the development of AI capabilities for the platform. "More than 30 million users already use AI apps on Discord every month," the firm claims, and they want to maintain this momentum on their platform going forward.

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