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Discord seeks the help of OpenAI for a bigger dream

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Image Credit: Quora Discord is currently converting its current Clyde bot into a chatty chatbot using OpenAI's ChatGPT technology. Next week, Clyde will receive an update that will enable it to respond to queries and engage in conversations with users, much like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Microsoft's Bing chat feature. It is part of a larger initiative to implement AI in Discord, which also includes the creation of conversation summaries by AI and the capability for Discord admins to use AI to control servers. The Clyde chatbot will be offered without charge to Discord users next week during a public test on a small number of servers with Discord alpha users. In the future, Discord server administrators will be able to add the Clyde chatbot, which will enable users to invoke it during conversations and ask it questions about sending GIFs to a channel, recommending music, and much more.

Discord is planning to come up with ChatGpt

[caption id="attachment_115792" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Image: Discord[/caption] A large language model AI chatbot will be integrated into Discord chat as part of a "free, public experiment," according to a Discord announcement on Thursday. The chatbot will enable users to "enjoy AI with friends," highlighting how generative AI can be used to drive conversation rather than being restricted to a one-on-one QandA format. It is being provided by OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT. The popularity of large language model chatbots has recently been embraced by Discord, another major online platform. Last week, OpenAI announced the release of its API, promoting it as a one-stop shop for any business seeking a simple, reasonably priced way to join the AI revolution. Other platforms, including Snapchat and the Slack app, both owned by Salesforce, have added a few limited AI chatbots because of this API. Not to be overlooked is Microsoft, which has also integrated OpenAI technology into the Bing chatbot and the Windows 11 taskbar. The company demonstrated how Discord users on supported servers can activate an AI chatbot by entering the name @Clyde—one of Discord's mascots—into the chat. For example, the chatbot can list the steps for "how to build a birdhouse" or provide users with the time in Tokyo, Japan. Discord For those emergencies when it is late and you are way too exhausted to think of a joke yourself, you can also ask the AI to find a funny GIF. According to Prachi Gupta, the vice president of engineering for Discord, the Clyde bot should be available to all users by the end of the following week. It is impossible to know without testing whether the AI will be able to formulate responses other than straightforward questions and answers. The CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, stated that he wants to create a "safe, positive environment" for this AI. You need not look far to find instances of other ChatGPT-based products like Bing causing major PR problems, such as when it mimics the views of self-described misogynist Andrew Tate.

Discord is coming up with AutoMod AI.

Discord is introducing two practical modding and summarizing bots for when you are so preoccupied with life and the pursuit of happiness that you miss out on what your friends were talking about throughout the week. The first is an expanded AutoMod AI, which will make it simpler to remove negative chats from a Discord server while the moderators are away. AutoMod AI is not new to Discord, but it now uses a larger language model to pick out what pre-schoolers call “potty talk.” Of course, if that potty talk turns hateful, the idea is that AutoMod will comprehend the situation well enough to notify you as soon as it reaches the server. Discord Unveils Budget Friendly Premium Subscription For Gamers The worst scenario is when your online friends decide on a time to meet up and you are completely unaware of it. With some of the digital FOMO, Discord's Conversation Summaries feature will be helpful. To make it easier for you to quickly catch up on what transpired and who laughed about what while you were out, Conversation Summaries will group similar messages. However, for it to operate, the server owner must enable it. It is unclear how it will choose which subjects to highlight. It will probably be simpler to follow along with AI-generated notes than it will be to manually scroll through a lengthy conversation between friends only to find out you missed a killer back and forth. Also Read: Discord Nitro vs Basic: Which Subscription is Worth it?

Discord will have AI features.

The AI-infused features that Discord is developing were also showcased on its blog. The first is called Avatar Remix, and it will enable you to quickly publish memes with just a click of your mouse, so to speak. In response to a noun you specify to the AI, Avatar Remix will add assets to a user's avatar. For example, you could use the slash command to tell the app to add crows all over your friend's avatar to make fun of their obsession with birds. Then you could watch what the AI creates. This feature is open source, so interested developers can download the GitHub code right away and experiment with it. Discord Logo Image Credit: Videogameschronicle

AI “Incubator” programme.

Anjney Midha, vice president of platform ecosystem at Discord, also revealed to the media that 3 million Discord servers with more than 30 million users are already experimenting with third-party AI-based apps, including the AI art generator, Midjourney, and the AI study buddy, Juni. Simply because 13 million users use the bot to generate free images, Midjourney is the largest server on Discord. The CEO of Midjourney, David Holz, also tried to position his project as a community-focused initiative. Although his self-titled independent research lab does request payment from users after a predetermined number of prompts, he claimed that the money is only used to keep the lights on and the servers running. Even though some people use Midjourney "professionally," he continued, most people use it to create "mood boards" and similar things. Read More: Discord Announced That US Server Subscriptions Would Be Available For Purchase. Despite that assertion, some well-known users have attempted to use Midjourney to generate income. After receiving a copyright for their graphic novel created using Midjourney, Kris Kashtanova, a New York-based artist, became embroiled in a protracted rights dispute. The U. S. After initially approving their application, the Copyright Office has just reversed course and revoked the copyright for the comic's AI-generated artwork. Kashtanova previously claimed that Midjourney assisted them in locating legal counsel to challenge the Copyright Office's ruling. Discord is attempting to establish itself as a hub for AI development despite the debate surrounding it. The business announced it was expanding its $5 million ecosystem fund by establishing an "AI incubator" to encourage more businesses to develop AI technology for the chat platform. Midha stated that in addition to financial grants, developers also have first access to Discord development teams and platform features.

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