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Disney Plus App to Integrate Hulu Content by Year’s End, CEO Confirms

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Disney Plus App to Integrate Hulu Content by Year’s End, CEO Confirms-GadgetAny
Disney Plus App

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Following the CEO Bob Iger’s announcement that Hulu content will soon be incorporated into Disney Plus during the company’s second-quarter results call, Disney’s streaming services are set to receive a significant makeover.

With this move, the media giant hopes to boost streaming revenue while also giving fans more ways to watch their favorite TV episodes and films.

What the Integration of the App Means

Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus will all remain stand-alone services, but according to the reports, the inclusion of Hulu in Disney Plus will give customers another choice.

The new app will resemble Disney Plus Hotstar, a well-known streaming service outside of the US that combines content from many platforms.

Disney Plus to Add Hulu Content in 'One-App' Experience Later in 2023 -  Variety
Image credit- Variety

Customers will now be able to watch TV series and films from both platforms without having to switch between applications thanks to this integration.

Given the company’s recent emphasis on enhancing customer streaming experiences and growing its content collection, this move might be seen as a significant gain for Disney’s streaming business and is unsurprising.

What We Understand About Prices

Recent pricing changes for Disney Plus’s streaming service include the introduction of an ad-based plan for under $8 per month.

This action coincides with an increase in the cost of its ad-free plan, which now costs $11 per month. Additionally, the company has unveiled two new packages that provide customers access to Hulu and ESPN Plus, offering them even more ways to enjoy their favorite television programs and sporting events.

For those on a tight budget, the Disney Bundle Duo Basic, which grants access to Hulu and Disney Plus with advertising, is a deal at just $10 per month. For $13 a month, the Disney Bundle Trio Basic, which contains Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, might be the better choice if you’re a sports enthusiast.

Following Streaming Trends Disney has not yet disclosed the price of its new subscription plan, but according to the reports, it will probably be ad-supported, like other streaming services like Paramount Plus.

Hulu Content to be Rolled into Disney Plus App by Year-End, CEO Confirms |  Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Showtime material was recently added to the Paramount Plus app, and it is now available as part of premium bundles or separately. Additionally, they changed the name of Showtime’s channel to “Paramount Plus with Showtime” so that consumers could get the greatest programming from both companies.

As Disney Plus continues to grow in popularity and Hulu has access to a larger audience, the integration of Hulu content into Disney Plus is anticipated to be advantageous for both platforms. Only 16 months after its introduction in 2021, Disney Plus has achieved extraordinary success, with an impressive 100 million users.

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The struggle for subscribers is intensifying as companies compete with one another in the streaming wars. On May 23, when it relaunches as Max, HBO Max is anticipated to undergo a significant overhaul. The change will result in the blending of some titles from Discovery Plus and material from HBO Max’s huge library.


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