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Do You Wish To Download YouTube Videos On iOS, Mac, & Android? Learn Here

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Photo Credit: Tom's Guide Following Google in the world's largest search engine is YouTube as people are spending long hours browsing on this particular channel. If you wish to know what is trending or how to download YouTube, this is for you. Firstly, you need to understand that downloading the app using third-party apps is not right as you are violating the terms and conditions applied by YouTube. However, the fact remains that it is not illegal but there are chances that you are outlawed from the platform. Google is not much bothered about putting this rule on every person more so for a person who is a regular downloader but there are times when the company interferes with third-party apps. How to download YouTube videos on your iPhone & iPad - Tech Advisor Photo Credit: TechAdvisor

Here’s how you can download  the YouTube app on PC:

Go to the Video 4K downloader website and click on the 4K Video Downloader, hit the blue button that reads Download that suits your system’s OS. Ubuntu, Windows, and MacOS 10.13 or later have this app. Once the 4K Video Downloader is installed, YouTube can be installed now. Also Read: How to install applications on an LG smart TV? Do not fret, if your display is not 4K, it is the most adaptable and user-friendly tool for downloading and will work with any files, whatever the resolution of display on your computer be. The software’s free version can download customizable videos up to 4K and supports 360-degree and 3D videos with subtitles that can be downloaded. Below is how to go about it:
  • Open the YouTube app and click on the video that you wish to download. You can copy the URL from the tab above the browser window, once the clipboard has copied that URL, the window can be shut down.
  • Open the installed app 4K video downloader app, you do not have to paste the URL manually, click on the Paste Link option in the menu and the software will take in the URL from the clipboard or your system.
  • It takes a little while for the 4K downloader app to process the video and when it's complete, you can choose the quality, conversion, and format of the video and also select the place to store the video once downloaded.
  • When all your options are placed, click on Download, a detailed page of your download appears, its speed and the time it will take to complete the downloading. If you have something else to do, you can pause the download and continue later on without disturbance.
How to set up and manage a YouTube family plan | YouTube Premium - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube

Downloading YouTube On iPad and iPhone

With the subscription of YouTube Premium, you can download the videos on the smartphone directly in the app at a cost of $12 for a month and a student plan of $7. With the family plan, you can share the account with six people at $23 for a month and the members sharing the account need to be a family group on Google. It is the safest way to download videos which can be watched even without the internet and also is approved by Google, however, there is a catch. The resolution of the video on YouTube iOS will be 1080p at maximum and the videos cannot be stored. The main interest of YouTube Premium is to let you watch videos when there is no network or feeble. The downloaded videos cannot be viewed outside the app as they are tied with original content and subscription. Once you cancel the YouTube Premium subscription, all the videos are gone. However, if your main interest is to watch videos offline, then YouTube Premium subscription is the safest and the fastest means. If this is your first time trying Premium subscription, you can sign up for a month’s free trial. Even though you can sign up through the iOS YouTube app, it's not advised as Google charges 30% extra on the app store. You will have to pay $16 while subscribing through YouTube app but through Google, it is only $12. Also Read: YouTube Hack: How to Play a Video in Background

Do Not download the video from YouTube only because you can

Google prefers you do not download the videos as it comes with some concerns depending on its origin and it is a violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions and the creators of the post. Some firms and people post videos just to share while others make money out of the content. What Is Youtube Terms Of Service????? - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube It is annoying that in between videos, you are forced to watch ads but that is how the ad makers are generating income and when you download the video, it will no longer generate the income. Never download a video to make money from somebody else’s content. The only reason to download should be for personal viewing for leaving behind copyright and ethical violations. In fact, skip downloading video altogether or you have an option of subscribing to Premium service which is ad-free.

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