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Does A Ring Doorbell Or Camera Need Subscription?

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Photo Credit: Home Depot Ring smart home products are quite popular in the market as the installation is easy and user friendly too. In case, if you are looking for things like a security camera or a doorbell, chances are that you have already come across plenty of Ring smart home ranges. There is a monthly subscription called Ring Protect on Ring products offered by the company. Is the subscription mandatory to use the Ring products or can you use the smart home products without subscribing? Ring Protect Subscription Plans | Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon.com Yes, you can use the basic features. Recently, Ring made changes to the plans of the Ring Protect subscription which add more value than what it was earlier. You can check on their services and decide on your need to sign up or not.

Is Subscription Essential To Use Ring?

You can use the Ring products even without subscribing to Ring Protect. Once the video camera and the doorbell are installed, you can start using it immediately to keep a look at your home. But there is more to it. There is a load of functionality that comes with Ring Protect subscription which is not available otherwise. Some of the features you can access without the Ring Protect subscription:
  • Two-way conversation 
  • You can view live
  • Alerts are available instantaneously
Families Suing Ring Over Hacked Home Security Cameras Photo Credit: People.com Each Ring product has varied features but the above mentioned functions are available on all Ring products without the Ring Protect subscription. Of note, is that the arming and disarming the Ring alarm from distance will be added in Ring Protect plan from March 29th. The same is applicable on the Home and Away mode on the Ring doorbell, making the subscription seem more wanted than before. Also Read: Ring's Newest Camera Wants to Drive With You in 2023

Ring Protect Basic Plan

Ring Protect Basic is a plan offered for $4 for a month or $40 for a year for a camera or a doorbell. These are the features you will be getting on this plan:
  • 180 days of video history
  • You can download 50 videos
  • You can save and share video
  • Capturing snapshot
  • Alerts on people
  • You can avail a 10% off on Ring smart care products
  • Rich alert
This plan is great as a ton of useful features are offered at a reasonable price, mainly the video history of 180 days. Without this plan, your Ring camera or doorbell will not offer much value. The products themselves cost a lot and it's hapless that you need to shell out extra for the features to be accessed. But it is worth spending $4 for a month as you would be enjoying most of the necessary features offered by Ring.

The Ring Protect Plus Plan

The Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 for a month and $100 for a year. You get rights on all video recordings of your Ring products which is a good investment for your home with numerous Ring cameras in place. There is an extended period of warranty on all the ring devices. Ring Alarm Pro Kit, 8-piece | Ring Photo Credit: Ring

Ring Protect Pro

The Ring Protect Pro plan will cost $20 for a month and $200 for a year with a variety of features which is normally not useful for a regular household. The hardware is converted into a strong security system which is more than any other plan. These are the features offered in this plan:
  • Alexa Guard Plus
  • Internet backup 24/7 with extra data that is optional
  • Professional monitoring 24/7
  • Video storage with Ring Edge
  • Eero secure digital security
  • Up to $100 home insurance savings
  • Cellular backup on alarm
This plan is a great one for a strong security system but if you wish to not spend on a professional security system, then this is for you. However, on a normal basis, homes with video doorbell or security cameras, this plan is not advised. 

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