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Don't Splurge On These Unworthy Smart Home Appliances

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Image credit : New York Post Our world is surrounded by smart gadgets and not just surrounded but we depend on them too. But are all of these worth it? Not really. some of the most sought-after products are not that great; either they are overpriced, nondurable, or have issues with privacy, practicality, etc. We do not talk much about average products, some are useful but not worth owning them. The products discussed here are not useless but the issues you will face with these products may stop you from buying them. Top 10 Latest Smart Home Gadgets Invention | Part - 3 - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube

Smart home gadgets will not last for a life

Mostly, all home gadgets are coming in the smart range; such as a washing machine that notifies you when the cycle is completed, Alexa voice assistant, a refrigerator screen that displays the temperature, etc. None of the smart gadgets last more than a decade and if they do not conk out, they go obsolete which are mostly internet devices. The gadget's lifespan depends on product maker's choices. Of solace is that even if the smart display of the washing machine or refrigerator goes out, it can be still used for what they were built for. But the computer cannot be used once it's outdated, it's vulnerable and hackers will be easily able to hack into your system. The smart products do not justify their existence and the users seem to agree. Whirlpool and LG stated that almost 50% of their smart appliance users do not connect to the internet a conversation with The Wall Street Journal.

Security Camera Inside the house:

Indoor smart cameras are creepy as they are vulnerable which is often ignored or not aware and the manufacturer does not care. They are perfect targets for hackers who can see, listen and take advantage to harass the person in the frame. security cameras Ring, Roomba, ADT, etc. employees have been caught watching their clients using the smart camera. The company may be stringent about their privacy regarding the users but some bad people will milk the situation and end up harassing the users. An outdoor camera is okay but an indoor camera is a tricky smart home appliance as all the things that go on in a person's life can be heard and seen. An indoor pet camera or a smart camera is best avoided as privacy is compromised. There are times when there is a need for an indoor camera, like when you take a long trip and need to keep an eye on the house, as the outdoor camera is not sufficient. These are times when you are willing to trade privacy for safety reasons, but you need to be sure that others, who you think can cause trouble, are unable to access your smart home devices.

It's impossible that a Robot lawnmower can work in place of us

The automatic robot lawnmower is the best as they keep your lawn neat by saving you precious time. They even turn the grass into mulch by enriching the soil around the plants like a fertilizer. Robot Lawn Mowers Australia | Professional Guidance in selection Photo Credit: robotlawnmover.com.au Here's the catch, they are not completely equipped as they cannot work on hills and reach the edges. stack tilts etc. Even if your property is even, there is still some work you will have to get down to finish. The lawnmower equipment will also need your supervision like while setting up, you will have to do manual work by laying wires for guidance around the area for the lawnmower even if you have a fence.


Even if you employ a professional for lawn maintenance, you will be spending around $540 annually; a good robot lawnmower will cost around $1000 with limited services which are otherwise taken care of by the professionals. Lawn movers are usually used by firms for cost efficiency. Your life can go on even without a robot lawn mover.

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