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Doppelganger Effect: ChatGPT May Have A Human-like Face

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You might have thought of it before, but it is soon going to become a reality- your chatbots may soon have a face that not only looks like a human but also acts like one. However, this might unlock the door to deceptions and deceits. A human-like interface for conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) - chatbots - is envisaged to give ChatGPT a human face and speaking voice. This software enables developers the ability to create photorealistic digital assistants, although experts show concern about chatbots masquerading as people. "Once it becomes difficult to distinguish a Zoom call with a human from a chat session with an AI bot, lots of things will change," Jed Macosko, a physics professor at Wake Forest University, told Lifewire in an email interview. "Scams will become very compelling. People will enjoy the AI' friends' they make online and will use their free time to indulge in long conversations." D-ID, the Israeli company, claims its software is the first platform to enable face-to-face conversations with conversational AI chatbots in a natural way. openais-new-chatbot-chatgpt-to-generate-more-conversational-responses-but-is-still-prone-to-create-disinformation-claims-report "Large language models like GPT-3 and LaMDA are changing the way we relate to and interact with technology, and we are not far off from all of us having our own personalized AI assistants and companions," Gil Perry, the CEO of D-ID said in the news release. "We are making tech more human by giving it a face and making the interaction more natural." Although the concept of humanizing objects or animals is not new, the success of AI ChatGPT with a human-like face and voice could g]help people build a better relationship with it.  "ChatGPT creators aimed for a chatbot that could mimic how people speak to each other," Bob Rogers, the CEO of Oii.ai says. "With its success, generating a 'face' for the chatbot could potentially help people build an even more lifelike relationship with it." ChatGPT The reason behind the development of this new software is to make computer-generated animated faces more realistic so humans can form real emotional connections with AI. Tech analyst Bob Bilbruck, the CEO of the consulting firm Captjur, said in an email that it's best to think of AI chatbots as a tool like a phone or a laptop.  "A human face is not necessary, literally or figuratively," Bilbruck said. "Some day this technology will reside in a pretty complex robotic human-like form factor, but this would be mostly geared toward the job or function that this application is geared for; for instance, a robot that checks you into your hotel or a gate agent at an airport, or a TSA checkpoint robot."

By Raulf Hernes

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