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DPReview the best review website for cameras, has been shut down by Amazon.

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Image Credit: Digital Photography Review The unreplaceable DPReview is being shut down by Amazon as the business moves forward with a new round of layoffs after 25 years of extremely thorough reviews of digital cameras and accessories. DPReview was established in 1998 in England and was acquired by Amazon in 2007. In 2010, the team moved to Seattle to be nearer to Amazon's headquarters. The team's expertise, business sense, and thorough objective testing made reviews, which at times were infamous for reaching near-comical lengths, possible because shortcuts were never taken. You could be confident that even lesser-known models were receiving the same treatment as a flagship model. This consistency and dedication attracted and kept a sizable and committed community, which resulted in thousands of strong comment threads on reviews and news articles as people quarrelled amicably with one another and the staff about the sharpness, equivalency, and advantages of various sensor arrangements. Of course, as they competed with smartphones for imaging dominance, cameras themselves have gained and lost popularity. However, despite the fact that fewer people will purchase standalone digital cameras in 2023 than they did in 2013, or even 2003, the market for enthusiasts and professionals is still very strong, and cameras themselves have improved significantly. The time has never been better to purchase a camera, and DPReview is the best website to assist you in doing so. Read More: Imaging Technology Can Help Robots See Better To the point where it appears possible that its parent company forgot it owned them, DPReview has continued over the years unchanged. Somehow Amazon never really found a way to capitalize on this unique asset. Although it may come as no surprise, no one thought to invest in and closely integrate DPReview with Amazon's other properties, even though you own one of the world's foremost expert voices on a significant category. The left hand and right hand of that business have occasionally been cut off from one another. The entire team was let go as part of Amazon's most recent round of layoffs. Amazon, like other businesses, has been tightening its belt. Or, perhaps also like other businesses, reductions that would otherwise seem unnecessary have been made under the guise of macroeconomic headwinds. However, DPReview is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most distinctive media properties to be shuttered during these difficult times. We can only hope that the smart and talented team rises to the occasion and Amazon changes its mind.

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