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Edit Videos on Google Photos: Learn how to stabilize, apply filters, & more

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Edit Videos on Google Photos: Learn how to stabilize, apply filters, & more-GadgetAny
Edit Videos on Google Photos

The image cloud storage software Google Photos has 30 editing capabilities, including stabilization and filtration, thus it is feasible to edit films on it.

Users of other video editing tools can crop or rotate their clips.

Additionally, they may change more intricate equivalents like shadows and highlights in addition to simpler ones like contrast, hue, and brightness.

According to Google’s blog, the Google Photos video function originally became available to iPhone users on February 11 and has been available to Android users since April 13 alone.

Google Photos

However, some people could still be unaware of how to use the Google photo cloud storage’s hidden video editing tools.

It’s important to note that Google One subscribers are not required to use the editing feature. According to LifeHacker, anyone with a free Google Photos account can utilize its capabilities.

Video Editing Hacks for Google Photos

How to Edit Videos on Google Photos?

Follow these instructions to begin your Google Photos video editing session.

  • Dispatch Google Photos.
  • To modify a video, click the desired file.
  • At the bottom of the screen, press the “Edit” button.

Following these instructions should have opened the Google Photos app’s video editor. Now, apply Filters Instructions.

Edit Videos on Google Photos
Image: Android Police

PhoneMantra claims that Google Photos offers a huge selection of high-quality photo filters that are compatible with both photos and movies. By selecting “Filters,” you can give them a try if you’re still unsure of which filter to use on your clip. Many options are available when you open the tab.

After selecting the ideal filter for your movie, select “Save Copy” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

How to draw on Video?

Additionally, Google Photos’ integrated video editor has a tool that enables users to annotate their recordings with any type of drawing or writing.

Tap “signs and lines” to make annotations on your video. Additionally, you can select “Save Copy” once you have completed annotating your clip.

Make Videos Stable on google photos

How to Make Videos Stable?

The most natural moments in our lives are frequently captured in video clips. However, the resulting spontaneity often results in videos that are too unstable to see. Also, Google Photos has a feature that lets you try stabilising older videos.

By clicking the video tab and choosing the “Stabilized Video” button, the option may be accessed. Again, just click “Save Copy” to save the modifications.

The video trimming and mute audio choices can both be found in the video section.

How to Change the Contrast, Brightness, and Color?

Choose “Rule” to change a video’s technical specifications. Opening it will display a number of editing options, including skin tone, tint, highlights, vignette, shadows, black point, saturation, temperature, and white point.

Of course, there are adjustments for both brightness and contrast.

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