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Eigen Fitness Nodes : This AI-enabled Weightlifting Wearable Reduces Injury Risks

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Image credit : iPhoneNess Eigen Fitness, a startup based in Canada, has introduced Eigen Fitness Nodes, an AI-powered wearable device. These nodes are designed to complement cardiovascular exercises in a physical fitness routine and assist gym users in achieving balance by monitoring their progress in weight training and reducing the likelihood of injuries. The product is built to specifically track crucial statistics during weight training, including the number of repetitions, velocity, power, range of motion (ROM), variation in repetitions, and tempo. Each of these metrics is monitored individually. The nodes continuously calculate the user's current capacity and select appropriate weights to optimize training efficiency, eliminating the need for guesswork often associated with weight training. [caption id="attachment_187731" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Eigen Fitness Nodes Image credit : Fit Tech[/caption] Eigen Fitness has developed a new monitoring system called Nodes, which is specifically designed for weightlifting. It allows users to collect data about their lifts, enabling them to enhance their workout routines and monitor their progress. By providing data on weightlifting exercises, this equipment empowers users to plan their future gym sessions for optimal results, facilitating faster progress without the risk of injury, according to its creators. [caption id="attachment_187732" align="aligncenter" width="697"]Eigen Fitness Nodes Image credit : Eigen Fitness[/caption] In terms of the underlying technology, Eigen Fitness Nodes utilize high-sensitivity, nine-axis inertial measurement units powered by a lithium battery and a 16MHz CPU for rapid motion fusion calculations. This enables the Nodes to capture up to 200 measurements per second. Also read : This tiny Smell-o-Vision wearable for VR can help wearers detect different odors Eigen Fitness Nodes incorporate absolute and relative injury detection features. Users are notified of movements that pose a risk of injury, tailored to their specific lifting patterns or applicable to all body types. Users can conveniently monitor their power, range of motion, velocity, and tempo on their smartphones, and also compare their results with other weightlifters.

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