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Elon Musk Says X (formerly Twitter) Will No Longer Let You Block Other Users

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Image credit : Android Central Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), stirred up a wave of strong criticism from prominent figures on social media following his announcement that the company was considering the removal of the "block" feature. Esteemed users of the platform expressed significant dissatisfaction with Musk's decision, asserting that the "block" function is a crucial component of X. For long-term users, this function serves as a means to prevent interactions with specific accounts and shield themselves from unwanted content, while also preventing those accounts from engaging with them. Numerous users highlighted that the "block" feature constitutes the primary method to curate their content and avoid seeing objectionable material. This tool is frequently employed to fend off trolls who engage in repetitive spamming or criticism. [caption id="attachment_147627" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Elon Musk Elon Musk Twitter CEO (Image credit : Business Today)[/caption] Musk's controversial declaration transpired on X in response to a query regarding the utility of the feature. The account "Tesla Owners Silicon Valley" inquired whether there was a valid reason to choose blocking over muting. The "mute" function provides an alternative on X, permitting users to filter out posts from particular accounts in their feeds while allowing the muted accounts to continue viewing the muter's content. A muted account remains unaware of its muted status, whereas a blocked account is notified when it tries to access the blocker's profile. Directly addressing the account's post, Musk declared that the "block" feature would be phased out, except for direct messages (DMs). Musk seemed to hint at the possibility of enabling users to block specific accounts from sending them direct messages within the app. The tech magnate, known for his wealth, then argued that the block feature "doesn't make sense." However, Musk's stance was met with an onslaught of discontent from users who contended that the "block" feature is indispensable and should be retained. Also read : Twitter's X Pro Becomes Paid Service, Requires Twitter Blue Subscription Buck Sexton, a conservative commentator, expressed disagreement with Musk's proposed changes, emphasizing that "blocking" remains one of the most crucial tools on the platform. He cautioned against transforming the platform into an echo chamber of harassment emanating from hostile individuals.

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