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Elon Musk Unblocked The Blocked Twitter Users - Here's Why

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Elon Musk unblocked the previously blocked Twitter users. The billionaire gave an explanation of why this is a good thing and advised other Twitter users to follow his advice. Furthermore, many people block other users on Twitter and other social media sites for a variety of reasons - toxicity is one of them. Yet, the CEO of Twitter outlined the reasons why unblocking Twitter users is the proper course of action. Elon declared that he is already unblocking Twitter individuals he previously blocked from his account, according to the most current Republic World story. According to the billionaire's official Twitter post from February 25, "I have unblocked everyone I blocked, apart from scammers. I recommend others do the same." He also stated that receiving critical input is beneficial and that unblocking Twitter users will enable you to do so. His reasoning is pretty straightforward, and since bad publicity is welcomed in the corporate sector, it is not particularly noteworthy. However, other analysts think he has other motives, particularly given that his choice was made a short time after his tweets were not receiving enough attention. Additionally, almost 270,000 people liked, 5,900 tweeted quotes in response to his most recent Twitter statement, and 24,200 people retweeted it. And while some Twitter users disagreed with him, the majority of them did so in the comments section. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Elon Musk Unblocked Blocked Twitter Users Image credit: Tech Times[/caption]

What's more

Of course, Elon Musk's suggestion would convince a lot of Twitter users. In addition, you can utilize the steps listed below from the Twitter Help Center if you ever decide to unblock other blocked Twitter users as well:
  • In the lower-left corner of your screen, first, click the More button or the three-dot option.
  • Visit Settings & Privacy after that. Click the Privacy & Safety section from there.
  • Click the Blocked Accounts button located under the Safety tab.
  • The blocked Twitter accounts you want to unblock can then be selected from there.

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