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Duckduckgo Email Protection Is Now Available to All Users

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Unlike Facebook Messenger or Instagram, a sender does not receive an overt read receipt when someone opens their email. But, senders can include a small, pixel-sized image in an email, which shows a read receipt when someone opens it. It is called a pixel tracker. However, pixel-tracker can compromise the privacy of an email. And hence, many tech companies started implementing features to make emails more privacy-friendly. For instance, DuckDuckGo launched the Email Protection service as a limited beta last year. Thus, it had a waiting list for those wanting to use it. But now that waitlist is gone. Therefore, anyone can get access to it now. Furthermore, the feature is similar to Apple’s Hide My Email, which generates a unique burner address whenever users need to share their email with a company. And that burner address forwards users’ messages to their real address. Thus, users needn’t ever share it with shady services.  Email Protection by Duckduckgo  

How Duckduckgo Prevents Tracking of Emails

DuckDuckGo provides users with two types of email addresses. The first is a personal Duck Address in which users can pick the name, which never changes. And the second one is a private, uniquely generated Duck Address. Hence, any time users need to share their email with a service, DuckDuckGo generates a new address for them to use. Therefore, DuckDuckGo only shares the burner account with all the different services. Thus, users don’t need to share their email addresses with every company that might abuse their data.  Email Protection by Duckduckgo   Furthermore, both types of Duck Addresses will forward the emails to the users’ primary addresses. Hence, a user’s data in the primary address remains safe and secure from any services. Most importantly, before forwarding the emails to the primary address, DuckDuckGo scrubs them off any trackers. Thus, users can open forwarded emails without the sender knowing when they read the message. In addition, DuckDuckGo prevents link tracking companies use for following users’ activity when they click on a link in an email.  Moreover, DuckDuckGo claims that the Email Protection service is handy for maintaining user privacy. Additionally, the company says it will never save users’ emails. Instead, they only require users’ primary email addresses. However, users should note that they don’t need to share access to their inbox, contacts, etc. 

Steps to Set up a Burner Duckduckgo Email Address

First, users must install the iOS or Android DuckDuckGo app or the browser extension in Chrome, Firefox, Brace, or Edge. Moreover, DuckDuckGo’s Mac app supports the Email Protection service, but in beta, which has a waitlist.  Duckduckgo browser app   Furthermore, on iOS or Android, go to the DuckDuckGo app > settings > scroll down and click Email Protection. Meanwhile, on a desktop, users must first install the browser extension. Then, go to the Email Protection page, click through the initiation screens, and choose an “@duck.com” address.  After that, users must select the primary address they want their emails forwarded to and tap This is correct. Finally, they will lock in their official DuckDuckGo email.  On another note, users can generate a new burner address in the Email Protection settings on their mobile. And on the desktop, they need to select the DuckDuckGo extension in their browser and tap Create a new Duck Address Interestingly, DuckDuckGo adds the newly-generated address to users’ clipboards. Hence, they can use it quickly whenever they need it. In addition, it automatically offers users a Duck Address whenever they click on an email address field. Lastly, DuckDuckGo includes a report of the trackers it blocked in the original email in the forwarded message users receive in their primary inboxes. So, all in all, DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection service is extremely useful. 

By Saloni Behl

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