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Empire of Arkadia Launched by Fotini Paraskakis

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Empire of Arkadia Launched by Fotini Paraskakis-GadgetAny
Empire of Arkadia Launched by Fotini Paraskakis

Seasoned media executive Fotini Paraskakis is launching an Asia-focused content company, Empire of Arkadia. In time for MIPCOM later this month, the company anticipates releasing its first slate. Shigeko (Cindy) Chino, a Japanese media executive, and Arthur Bastings, a former president of Discovery APAC and EMEA, partnered with Paraskakis in the project.

The trio defines Empire of Arkadia’s goal as providing Asian-inspired narratives to a global audience in both written and non-scripted media. “Forward-thinking stories that speak to younger generations” will be the opening theme. In a prepared statement, Paraskakis stated, “This is the ideal time to create a company focusing on content for future generations; it is an exciting and transformational phase in the content sector.” “We will focus entirely on meeting demands for Gen Z content, stories that speak to audiences everywhere and that will stick with us all as we move into the future,” the statement reads. “We will bring the best upcoming creators and Asian-inspired stories with the highest international appeal to the market.”

Empire of Arkadia Launched by Fotini Paraskakis

The Story Lab’s previous MD was Paraskakis. She has previously held positions as head of content for Fremantlemedia and MD Asia for Endemol Shine Group. She has successfully overseen more than 450 content arrangements for programs like “Ninja Warrior,” “MasterChef,” “Big Brother,” “Deal or No Deal,” “Fear Factor,” “The Bridge,” “Humans,” “Idols,” “Got Talent,” and “The X Factor” across Asia and globally over 30 years.

Chino was once Nippon TV’s associate MD for international business development. On shows like “Shark Tank,” “Old Enough!,” “Block Out,” and scripted series like “Mother,” “Your Home Is My Business!” and “Woman,” she was in charge of negotiating transactions. Bastings has led a start-up accelerator company that operates out of California and Singapore and has worked at the nexus of media, games, and technology since leaving Discovery. Mighty Bear Games, a handful of highly skilled female founders, and two deep tech firms with a Web 3.0 focus are some of its progeny.

With offices already established in London, Singapore, and Tokyo, the Empire of Arkadia launched. At the beginning of 2023, new locations are anticipated to open in Seoul and Los Angeles.

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