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Erick Adame Doesn’t Expect To Return To Spectrum Job After Sex Scandal.

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Erick Adame Doesn’t Expect To Return To Spectrum Job After Sex Scandal.-GadgetAny
Erick Adame

pink-slipped Spectrum New York meteorologist Erick Adame isn’t expecting to be offered his job after being fired because he appeared on an adult-oriented camera website, but believes it could be possible to return very soon.

“I believe it’s a different generation,” Adame’s crisis-management representative Howard Bragman spoke to Deadline this week. “I think that the younger generation do not care about these types of things. It’s just not an issue for them. When you talk about those under 40 sexual sex, virtual and naked photos are an integral normal.”

erick adame

Adame the veteran weather reporter apologized on Monday for saying he was fired following his secret public appearances on the website were revealed to the public. However, Bragman stated that Adame has already received at most one job offer and is expected to return to the television.

“I am pleased to report that the response from the public has been overwhelming supportive of Erick,” the PR veteran added. “He has been encouraged by individuals to apply for other jobs and, at a minimum, one other station I’ve seen has offered him the opportunity to work.”

Bragman pointed out that Adame has rejected the job offer.

erick adame
erick adame

On whether Adame could return to his 15-year television home in NY1, Bragman admits that despite his hopes, a revival seems unlikely at this time.

“Our staff have had conversations with their colleagues,” the rep said. “I would describe them as extremely cordial conversations. But, in the end I don’t think that it’s likely that he’ll get invited to the gathering.”

According to people who are who are familiar with the corporate situation it appears that things are “complicated” in the relationship between Adame as well as NY1 than when the weatherman was been indicted in public. Spectrum had been in discussions with the meteorologist for a few months regarding his use of the webcam We hear.

Spectrum did not have a comment when it was contacted by Deadline.

Adame was an official at NY1 since 2007 and has initiated legal action in the New York Supreme Court against the parent company of webcams, Unit 4 Media Ltd. He’s seeking the identity of the unidentified person who “wrongfully released the photos to Petitioner’s employer as well as his mother in the hope of causing distress, annoyance or alarming Petitioner, and infringing on the employment relationship of Petitioner.”

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It is a Petition submitted on Monday to Adame from lawyer Jeremy Klausner adds: “Respondent stated to the Petitioner that it has information that could be used to reveal Anonymous such as user-supplied information as well as IP addresses. Respondent also told Petitioner that a subpoena was required for Respondent’s disclosure of the information it has in its possession.”

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