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ERTCA Instructor Uses VR For Emergency Training In The Valley

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Scott Davis, a former state trooper and now an instructor for ERTCA (Emergency Response Training & Certification Association) taught the police and sheriffs about the latest day-to-day situation, including active shooters. The training was held through virtual reality glasses.

Per their official website, ERTCA 5019(a) (c) is a nonprofit organization started in 2019, working with academic colleges and state and federal granting organizations to evolve training and innovation. The nonprofit company teaches both virtually and in person to standardize educational results for reliable data that can increase public safety.


Davis stated, “This is great training as it shows different real situations for the officer to see,”

Union County Deputy Sheriff Trey Toland trained for an active shooter incident inside a school through virtual reality glasses, which depicted a full 360-degree view of a school with simulated people running and two active shooters inside.

At the William Cameron Fire Department, Toland walked through the classroom in Lewisburg and Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department Cpl. Dave Jones guided him.

Sheriff Toland commented, “I liked this training as it showed these situations," “It looked very real.”

Davis controls the situation from a computer and even can pick various statements made by perpetrators. Davis adds, “There are so many situations, and having the ability to replay exactly what happened and how the officer reacted is a big part of the training,”

The equipment used mobile tower units that communicate with the virtual reality equipment while the law enforcement official walks through the scenario.

Davis said, “We will continue to get these real-life situations added to the training,”

According to Jones, he found the training helpful. He said, “These are great because it gives the real-life situation that an officer may find themselves in,”

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