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Eufy’s Tracker: Airtag for Android, but a Lot Cheaper

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Eufy’s Tracker: Airtag for Android, but a Lot Cheaper-GadgetAny

Apart from Tile, Apple’s AirTags continue to be the most well-known tracking tag in use today. It uses the Find My network to broadcast its whereabouts across a network of neighboring Apple devices. Despite the fact that Samsung provides a comparable product, nothing can beat Apple’s game in the US; AirTags are more effective than ever as people continue to purchase Apple products. Fortunately, Eufy has recently released its own Find My compatible tag, and for once, this one actually functions with Android phones.

The Eufy SmartTrack Link, a tracking tag that resembles an upgraded AirTag in many ways, has been made available by the Anker-owned company. The fact that it works with Apple’s Find My network, which rivals like Tile tags do not, gives Eufy’s product a significant advantage by putting it on par with Apple’s AirTags in terms of tracking capabilities. The SmartTrack Link can be added to the Items tab of the Find My app on your iPhone by simply opening it.

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With one notable difference, it can also sync directly with Android phones. Downloading the Eufy Security app, which gives you everything except tracking on Android smartphones, will enable you to use the SmartTrack Link with your Android phone. It uses Find My only for “worldwide tracking,” which is kind of a big catch.

The fact that it is less expensive than an AirTag is a blessing. SmartTrack Links are available for just $19, which is $10 less expensive than the $29 that a single AirTag costs. It also includes a CR2032 battery, an integrated speaker, and a hook. It is also water-resistant. In essence, they’re less expensive and offer an experience that in many ways might even be superior.

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