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'EV-style' batteries are rumored to be coming to Samsung Galaxy S24 or S25 series devices

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Photo Credit: Sammy Fans Samsung is currently rumored to be releasing next-generation flagship Android smartphones that take screen-on time to entirely new levels. In order to potentially achieve better specifications, this may entail shrinking the batteries that are generally used in electric vehicles (EVs) to those that can be used in mobile devices. According to reports, the OEM collaborates on this project with two related Chinese businesses. The stacked battery is allegedly on its way to join the stacked motherboard, which many smartphone fans will already be familiar with. The latter is so named because its primary parts—including the anode, cathode, and separator—are assembled more like a sandwich as opposed to being wound up before being inserted in the customary "pouch"-style housing. Photo Credit: PhoneArena Because the first of these production processes is associated with higher energy density, Samsung's SDI division is apparently working with two Chinese companies to produce its "Gen 5" batteries in stacked form. These batteries are actually designed for electric vehicles (EVs), but Samsung is claimed to be scaling them down for use in products that could follow the current Galaxy S23 flagship smartphones (or, possibly, the S24 series after that). Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S24 Is Probably Dropping the “Plus” Version It is anticipated that the resulting next-generation "stacked smartphone battery" would debut with a density that is 10% or higher than that of its forerunner.

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