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Every Player in "Overwatch 2" Must Connect a Live Phone Number: Update

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Despite already owning the Overwatch game's predecessor, Overwatch 2, gamers will be required to attach a phone number to their Battle.net accounts. This will apply to all platforms, including consoles, beginning on October 4, when the game launches. Players won't be able to launch numerous accounts at once using the same number and link it to them. It is only possible to open a new account with a phone number once. As a result, if a player wants to register multiple accounts, they need to be connected to unique numbers associated with active mobile phones. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), pre-paid, and landline numbers won't be honored. Before the release of Overwatch 2, game developer Blizzard Entertainment affirmed that this required activity is a component of the SMS Protect system and other safety precautions. Attempting to prevent disruptive conduct and cheating will give an extra degree of protection for gamers to get the most out of their gaming experience. Even though the game is now free to play, Blizzard aims to provide its users with a secure and satisfying playing environment. Every Player in How to Include a Phone Number for Players Navigate to the Account Details tab on the sidebar of the Battle.net website. Under Account Overview, you may see it. They can enter their phone number in the third box, which is the field. Activate the Add button. Blizzard will send a verification code to the registered mobile phone. To move forward, copy the number and paste it onto the website screen. In addition to the SMS Protect, Blizzard is integrating voice transcriptions to identify disruptive and dishonest individuals further. After the new game has premiered, it will be utilized in the coming weeks. Using speech-to-text software, the technology will transcribe a brief voice conversation recording of the accused player. The conversation review tools in the system can examine the recording and determine whether or not to ban the player in question. Immediately after transcribing the audio, Blizzard promises to remove it from its system. The text file will also be deleted no later than thirty days after the transcription. Players are urged to report the disruptive activity as soon as possible because the game's design does not allow for the long-term storage of voice chat data.

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