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Everyone can now have access to the ChatGPT-powered Bing – here’s how

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Image credit : Investing News Network Microsoft has been steadily working through the queue for their new AI-powered search engine ever since the new ChatGPT-powered Bing launched last month, but it appears most of us no longer need to wait. Even though Microsoft hasn't formally abolished the waiting, it is now possible to skip the tedious waitlist and begin asking inquiries of the AI search engine, as discovered by Windows Central. Although we've also attempted this successfully, it seems to call for a certain method. The most dependable option for anyone who is still waiting to experiment with a search engine that works on OpenAI's new GPT-4 paradigm appears to be setting up a new Microsoft account on the new Bing homepage. The Verge is one of many websites that have reported successfully accessing Bing after being on the waiting. Additionally, there have been instances where logging in directly from the Bing homepage hasn't worked, which shows that this isn't yet an official Microsoft roll-out. Going to the new Bing and logging in is worthwhile to see if you now have access. If not, you should be able to access Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered search engine, which already boasts 100 million daily users, by creating a new account in the interim. Given that GPT-4 technology is presently only available on ChatGPT to paying customers, Microsoft's revelation that its new Bing search engine is powered by OpenAI's new GPT-4 language model has increased the language model's profile once more. However, Bing and ChatGPT differ greatly from one another. Since Microsoft's search engine is connected to the internet, as opposed to ChatGPT, it typically performs better when responding to questions about recent occurrences. However, Microsoft has also built safety barriers around the new Bing, so ChatGPT may be preferable for innovative brainstorming. Both artificial intelligence (AI) assistants have their uses, but Bing continues to overshadow Google Bard, which is Google's competing chatbot. Bard, which Google refers to as a "experimental conversational AI service," has been plagued by ambiguity, mistakes, and delays and is still not available to the general public. We are anticipating hearing more about Google's chatbot ambitions in the months leading up to Google I/O 2023. Google did preview the AI technologies coming to Gmail, Google Docs, and other services. If the waitlist is soon formally removed, Microsoft Bing will maintain its dominance in the AI search engine helper market until then.

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