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'Everyone loved him': Teary-eyed lady remembers boyfriend fatally stabbed outside Brooklyn bar

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The long-term girlfriend of a Brooklyn man who was fatally stabbed outside the club he frequented termed the victim as a "loving dad." According to police, Kerwin Cox, 35, was stabbed many times outside a pub on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights at around 1:30 in the am on Saturday, October 8. When he got into a brawl that resulted in his death, he was in the bar with his pals. After leaving the bar, Cox last spoke to Tiarra Morgan, his girlfriend.  “Kerwin was such a positive soul,” Morgan told the Daily News, adding, “Somebody I never thought I would have to bury — never. Never thought about that.” As junior high school sweethearts and parents to a 10-year-old kid, Morgan and Cox have been together for 20 years. They occupy homes in Gowanus. "I've never lived without him, and I'm stuck with him now. We've been together for years, and for no reason at all, someone took him away from me and his son," a distraught Morgan added. [caption id="attachment_49494" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Suspect The man suspected of murdering Kerwin Cox was captured on surveillance[/caption] Just 25 minutes before Cox passed away, Morgan last spoke with him. He should take the train or a cab back to his house, she texted him. "I suppose everything was happening when I sent the final text, I assume. Then, hollering, his sister called me," Morgan said. When they arrived at the scene of the crime, detectives discovered Cox unconscious with multiple stab wounds on his chest. He received first aid before being taken by paramedics to the Interfaith Medical Center, where he was later declared dead. When Morgan received the call from the hospital staff, they instructed her to come as quickly as possible. Morgan said Cox used to visit the same bar every Friday and knew most of the patrons. “That’s a local bar, he grew up in Crown Heights. Everybody who lives in Crown Heights goes to that bar. Those are his stomping grounds.” Morgan said, adding, “I never had any concerns of him being over there, especially in Crown Heights at that bar,” she said. “I just never thought something like this would happen at a place he goes frequently.” According to Morgan, Cox was a good man who was adored by many. She continued by saying that this was the reason it was difficult for her to imagine somebody who could harm him so severely. "Kerwin doesn't engage in conflict. He isn't a bad man. It's shocking that this has occurred because he's such a lovely person. Everyone adored him, according to Morgan. Hardworking Cox had previously worked in a warehouse before moving on to a restaurant that was forced to close due to the epidemic. Morgan recalled warmly, "He loved to cook, one thing he going to do is feed you. "His food was really excellent. Everything he made was delicious, but the steak was undoubtedly my favorite. “I want them to get justice for him,” Morgan said. “I want them to catch who did this because I guarantee you, if he knew Kerwin, he feels like s**t. Whoever did this to him, he’s sorry. He took that man away from all of us and it didn’t have to be like that.”

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