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4 Clever Hacks to Manage Your Email Overloading

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4 Clever Hacks to Manage Your Email Overloading-GadgetAny
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An overflowing inbox can stress many people, especially Generation Z, who prefer the immediacy of messaging apps. However, many still favor the old electronic postal system for composing long messages, delivering file attachments, and organizing digital paper trails. So, to help users manage their email overload better, here are some helpful tips –

1. Use the swipe function

 Users can quickly take control of their inbox with their thumb because of the “swipe” control in the mail app. For instance, users can assign one action to a leftward swipe and another to a rightward swipe. Additionally, they can even Delete an email if they wish. 

Users should go to the app’s Settings > choose Swipe actions > tap the Change button for the Android Gmail app. And this way, they can select an action for both left and right swipe motions. For the iOS Mail app, go to Settings > Mail > choose Swipe options. Then, they can select the action they want to assign to the Swipe Left and Swipe Right functions. 

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Additionally, users can even delete email overload all at once. For Gmail, tap the icon next to each unwanted message in the inbox > tap the trash icon. For the iOS Mail, tap the Edit button > select the messages > tap Trash in the lower-right corner of the screen. 

email overloads

2. Screen mails as they come

Users get notifications every time they receive a new email. They can also add the mail widget to their phone’s home screen. Hence, they can quickly open the app, read the new mail and decide whether to keep it or delete it. Thus, it helps them manage incoming emails better and prevent email overload in their inbox. Furthermore, in the iOS Mail, users can long-press the inbox preview to see more of the message. And they also get an actions menu to reply, forward, or flag that mail. 

3. Utilize the productivity features

Mail apps offer users numerous productivity features that can help to manage their inboxes better. For instance, on Gmail, users can tap the three-dot More menu on a newly received mail and add it to their Google Tasks to-do list. Additionally, they can even schedule when to send an email. Furthermore, the iOS Mail Drop feature enables Apple users to send an attachment as large as five megabytes using the iCloud service. In addition, they can even scan a new document and attach it to a mail. The icon for that appears on the right of the camera icon. Lastly, users can even sign a form with the pen icon via a stylus or fingertip. 

Unsubscribe from unnecessary sites

4. Unsubscribe from unnecessary sites

A steady daily flow of mailing-list emails from various sites, organizations, or merchants is the primary cause of email overload in the inbox. Thus, users must unsubscribe from such sites or organizations if they do not wish to receive or read their emails. Or they can also change their email preferences. Doing so will help them manage their inbox more quickly and efficiently. 

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