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Exchange old Samsung TV in return for a great deal

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Exchange old Samsung TV in return for a great deal-GadgetAny
Exchange old Samsung TV in return for a great deal

Samsung is offering its customers, who are upgrading to a new TV a great deal in exchange for an old TV. Hence, an 8K or 4K TV is now more affordable to users. Additionally, customers will receive a $630 cashback on Neo QLED and $503 for a trade-in of an old TV.

Moreover, customers can also pay in monthly installments at zero percent APR for their new purchase. Therefore, they can save up to $1,132 on an all new Samsung Neo QLED TV. However, there are certain requirements for an old Samsung TV to be eligible for the deal. The company states that the TVs must be in good condition or have minimal defects. In addition, Samsung revealed how customers can get cashback on their purchase.

The purchase must be made from Samsung.com or a participating retailer between March 16 to May 24, 2022. After that, customers should click on ‘claim now’ to complete the online claim form. Then, the company reviews the claim and the customers receive the cashback within 30 days of their validation email.

Exchange old Samsung TV in return for a great deal

Why are Samsung TVs in demand this year?

Samsung has been at the top of the TV industry for more than ten years due to their innovative technologies. The South Korean tech giant ranked number one this year in terms of market share, maintaining the position for 16 consecutive years. And the reason is that Samsung TVs consists of new features and see updates regularly.

For instance, the Neo QLED 8K is an upgraded version of the previous QLED TV. It has unique notable features like the Quantum Matric Technology Pro. The feature ensures greater control of the miniaturized light source through the 14-bit gradation. Thus, the TV can control its lighting across 16,384 steps, delivering true-to-life colors. Samsung also introduced Shape Adaptive Light and Real Depth Enhancer features. They enhance picture quality by optimizing contrast and producing clean images, giving a more realistic sense of depth to the screen.

Besides that, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K comes with an upgraded neural quantum processor. It contains 16 to 20 neural networks that strengthens its image analysis and upscaling capabilities. The multi-intelligent AI networks from the Neural Quantum Process also improve cloud games in 8k resolution. Hence, all these outstanding features increase the demand of Samsung TVs. And with this new deal in return of an old Samsung TV when buying a new one will only increase its demand further.

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