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Facebook Ad Glitch Concerns Advertisers; Meta is Now Requested to Refund Money

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Facebook Ad Glitch Causes Panic Among Advertisers; Meta Now Urged to Refund Money! (Image credit - Tech Times) A significant Facebook ad bug dissatisfies many advertisers and even sends ad agencies into a tailspin. They are now requesting a money refund from Meta due to this major problem. Intensify CEO Alex Gorlick is one of the people impacted by the most recent Facebook advertising bug. According to Gorlick, "The outcomes were abhorrent. It's the worst Facebook advertisements malfunction I've ever seen", as per the reports. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Meta suffered a major Facebook ad glitch, clients asking about refunds Image credit- CNBC[/caption] In Gorlick's case, he observed that a day in which one of his clients' accounts used around 90% of its daily Facebook marketing spend. By the time he realized there was a problem at 9:00 am, only 10% of his client's Facebook advertising budget remained for the next 15 hours. The CEO of the marketing firm bemoaned the broad nature of the Facebook ad bug, claiming that it squandered both his own money and the advertising budgets of other clients. That Facebook ad bug was confirmed by Meta. The system issue has already been resolved, according to the tech industry behemoth business. According to a Meta spokesman, certain advertisers experienced problems with ad delivery due to a technical problem that has already been fixed. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Facebook Ad Glitch Causes Panic Among Advertisers; Meta Now Urged to Refund  Money! | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] Do Advertisers Receive Refunds? There is still a significant issue even though Meta has already fixed the Facebook ad bug. Advertisers are requesting these returns from the IT business. In order to determine whether there will be refund chances for the impacted advertisers, a Meta spokeswoman said they are still doing a thorough study. Also read: Amazon will fire more than 17,000 employees, more than originally anticipated Of course, Meta reaffirmed that they could get in touch with customer care for help if advertising companies can show they were impacted by the bug. Refunds typically take a month, according to Meta's official website. If advertisers pay using their credit cards, this period can be shortened. In other news, Facebook accounts were purportedly targeted by the Google Chrome plugin Fake ChatGPT.  

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