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Facebook’s New Plan to Join the Ranks of “Cool” Again

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There was a time when Facebook was all the rage. However, since its early days in the spotlight, Facebook's News Feed has changed significantly. Present-day Facebook News Feed is congested with brands and pages wanting to gain a user's attention. Today, people, especially teenagers and young adults, do not feel comfortable sharing snippets of their lives on Facebook. Instead, they are shifting to platforms like Instagram and TikTok. So, to maintain and increase its users, Facebook is changing its original game plan. And apparently, Facebook's new plan might make it "cool" again. Facebook’s Revenue

Facebook's new plan 

Facebook spent almost four years trying to make the News Feed more about friends and family. But now, it is changing its game plan to keep up with other social media platforms. Facebook intends to show users more entertaining content from other users they don't know. And the platform has dubbed this new game plan - Discovery Engine. Interestingly, Discovery Engine is Facebook's attempt to become more like TikTok, which is very popular among the young generation these days. Tom Alison, Facebook app's head at Meta, stated in a podcast interview that their new approach is an "updated vision for how the Facebook app is going to respond to the next generation of people who are going to use it."

What's more

Nick Clegg, Meta's top policy executive, expressed his views on what Meta's move to take more control of what its users see on Facebook and Instagram feeds could mean in the future in the fifth episode of Land of the Giants' new season. The new season of Land of the Giants tells the story of Facebook's journey to becoming Meta. It is a Vox Media Podcast Network award-winning series. In addition, the new season stretches into seven episodes, all examining Facebook's past, present, and future, featuring interviews with current and former executives.  Facebook Here's what Clegg said -
 "In a strange way, in the future, we will be doing what we have been alleged to do for a long time. If you listen to Frances Haugen's [former Facebook employee and whistleblower] narrative... it's, 'oh my gosh, they're just spoon-feeding people hate speech.….' But, of course, it was nonsense. Because the vast majority of the content people saw on Facebook was driven, of course, by our systems, but also by their own choices, who their friends are, which groups they're part of, what content they engage with, and so on."
However, with Discovery Engine, that will change. Facebook will now show users more content from virtual strangers with the help of AI. It makes one wonder whether this new strategy will attract more users to Facebook or do the exact opposite. 

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