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Factory reset your Google Nest Hub with these easy tips

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Image credit : Google store You won't need to factory reset your Google Nest Hub very frequently. In reality, the majority of consumers are unlikely to ever need to reset their Nest Hub. But you'll be happy to know Google offers you a straightforward option to do the task if you're having issues with your gadget or are getting ready to sell it. Here is a discussion of how to factory reset a Google Nest Hub and several possible triggers.

Why reset

One could want to factory reset their Google Nest Hub for a variety of reasons. The most obvious possibility is that they will upgrade to a Google Nest Hub Max and stop using their Nest. Your account wouldn't be connected to the old hub, so you could sell it or gift it to a friend or family member after performing a factory reset. Resetting is also necessary for security reasons. It's understandable that you might be apprehensive of any gadget that could potentially be hacked or that could share your data in any other way, given how many data breaches and device hackings have been reported in the news in the last year. Your hub would lose all of your information if it were factory reset. If you're frequently having technical problems, you might also perform a reset. A good, old-fashioned factory reset can be required if the device is misbehaving, such as failing to reply to queries or connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Now set & reset

Unfortunately, you can't factory reset the Google Nest Hub using the app or voice commands, but there is a simple workaround. Simply press and hold both volume buttons on the right side of the screen (back of the screen) for 10 seconds to reset the Google Nest Hub. The sole action is that. After an automatic reboot of the device, you're done. Simply say, "Hey Google, factory reset," and the virtual assistant will walk you through the process if you ever forget how to do it.

By Awanish Kumar

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