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FalconFrames: Wearable Tech Strive to Enhance Athletes' Focus on the Game

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(Image credit- Dealerscope) The FalconFrames wearables are designed to improve the user's neuro-visual abilities, hence it could be the key to success in fast-paced sports like tennis is to maintain an eye on the ball as well as your opponent. With the goal of revolutionizing tennis training methods, wearable technology called FalconFrames has been introduced by Evolution Optiks Limited in partnership with the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) through its OcuRay branch.

Why Choose FalconFrames?

The importance of vision in sports performance has recently been the subject of substantial research, whereas, in the past, top sports training tended to concentrate largely on physical fitness, nutrition, and psychology. Being a good athlete calls for excellent dynamic vision abilities and neuro-visual processing because over 80% of input in sports is visual. Additionally, tennis players must quickly process and interpret as much information as possible about ball flight, distance to the net and lines, opponent positioning, and how to react to the shot with an average incoming serving speed of 160 km/h (100 mph). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="820"]FalconFrames Wearable Tech Aims to Make Athletes 'Laser Focus' on the Game | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] Moreover, it requires the seamless coordination of about 20 neuro-visual abilities, from peripheral vision to depth perception. These neuro-visual talents are addressed by the wearable technology FalconFrames by OcuRay, which makes use of cutting-edge light field technology.

How it Helps the Athletes to Laser Focus on the Game?

FalconFrames, the vision-based wearable has "built-in gaze-tracking that analyzes eye movement and uses a dynamic linear light field array with retina-tracking guide lights to give visual cues on where to look, in real-time," according to the reports. Visual processing plays a significant role in sports, influencing both neurological and muscular reactions. These requirements are met by the frames, which provide users with visual clues to aid in making split-second decisions about the game and improve their overall sporting performance. The training process is also improved with FalconFrames. Users may "follow preset training routines with increasingly challenging settings, set goals, track progress, compare performance with others, or train with the guidance of a coach," according to the press release, which goes on to say that the app is specifically designed for this purpose. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]How to Manage Your Athletes' Recovery with Wearables and HRV Image credit- SimpliFaster[/caption] By creating technologies to improve athletes' visual processing rates and capacities, the device elevates the fitness and training experience. Dr. Anne Reuter, the official sports vision physician for JMTA and a neuro-optometrist with expertise in neuro-cognitive and athletic vision performance, reaffirmed the importance of visual abilities for athletic success. FalconFrames has the potential to open up new opportunities for athletes of all ability levels, she said, expressing her enthusiasm for the product. FalconFrames' commercial release date has not yet been decided upon, according to Evolution Optiks CEO, Raul Mihali, and its final price is expected to be in the range of a few hundred dollars. By visiting the OcuRay website, customers can sign up for updates. Also read: Eigen Fitness Nodes : This AI-enabled Weightlifting Wearable Reduces Injury Risks

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