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Ferrari Is Recalling Almost Every Car Sold Since 2005

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Ferrari Is Recalling Almost Every Car Sold Since 2005-GadgetAny

The Italian automaker Ferrari is regarded as the apex of sports cars and creates some of the most coveted vehicles on the planet. While a Ferrari’s ability to accelerate is beyond dispute, the company’s most recent recall shows that the same cannot be said about its braking power.

Due to a potential braking problem that could result in a brake failure and an accident, Ferrari North America has recalled 23,555 vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified 19 vehicles that are at risk of probable brake failure and have been affected dating back to 2005. (NHTSA).



The reservoir cap for the braking fluid is the issue. It can vent pressure if necessary, but it’s clear that the design isn’t all that great. Ventilation may not take place, creating a vacuum that may lead to a brake fluid leak. Furthermore, you won’t be able to slow down or stop if your brake lines are empty of braking fluid.

Therefore, the solution is rather straightforward: a new brake fluid reservoir cover and a software update that alerts drivers when their brake fluid reservoir is low. Should this happen, Ferrari advises pulling over right away and having the vehicle towed.



Once the necessary parts are in stock, Ferrari will repair the problem without charge. The vehicle’s low brake fluid warning message will also be updated, and the brake fluid reservoir lid will be changed.

Although the firm estimates that only 1% of automobiles are impacted, common sense dictates that they all need to be replaced. In the US, there are roughly 23,555 vehicles, beginning with the 612 Scagliettis produced in early 2004. In actuality, only the 575M Maranello, 599 GTB, SF90, and the forthcoming 296 hybrid will be free from the rule.
By September 24, 2022, Ferrari intends to notify owners of affected vehicles.

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