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First Commercial Space Station to be Launched by SpaceX

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First Commercial Space Station to be Launched by SpaceX-GadgetAny

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A bold plan to launch Haven-1, the first commercial space station, has been unveiled by two major space corporations, SpaceX and Vast.

By building a commercial space station that will function as an autonomous crewed outpost before being included in a bigger Vast space station now being developed, this initiative seeks to revolutionize the future of low-Earth orbit.

Vast-1, the first-ever human spaceflight mission, will then carry a crew of four to the Haven-1 rendezvous and stay in orbit for little more than 30 days.

It is important to note that Vast has a spaceflight option with SpaceX for an additional human mission to Haven-1.

This announcement represents the first time a commercial space station business has both planned and secured a human spaceflight mission to their station at the same time.

A start-up teaming with SpaceX will be the first to orbit a commercial  space station - Business News
Image credit – Business News

The CEO of Vast, Jed McCaleb, encapsulated the excitement of his organization by saying, “Vast is thrilled to embark on this journey of launching the world’s first commercial space station, Haven-1, and its first crew, Vast-1.”

McCaleb thanked SpaceX for their participation and emphasized that this is just the first step in Vast’s long-term goal of building larger artificial gravity space stations in Earth orbit and beyond.

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“A commercial rocket launching a commercial spacecraft with commercial astronauts to a commercial space station is the future of low-Earth orbit,” said Tom Ochinero, Senior Vice President of Commercial Business at SpaceX, who also expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “And with Vast, we’re taking another step toward making that future a reality.”

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