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5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Hot Glue Gun

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Hot Glue Gun-GadgetAny
Hot Glue Gun

Most people think that hot glue is something useful only for a DIY craft or décor project. But glue guns have advanced significantly since your days of arts and crafts at summer camp. There are currently many types and colors of hot glue, and you can use them for purposes other than decoration. Let’s look at a few of them –

1. Create a non-slip grasp

Create a non-slip grasp IN Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue tends to dry with a rubbery consistency, making it useful for creating non-slip grips. Use a tiny bit on the top of a hanger to help it hold slick clothing, on the bottom of your slippers to prevent slipping on a slippery surface, or on the bottom of a carpet to create a non-skid layer to avoid scratching your floors. However, remember that the surface you’re putting hot glue to shouldn’t get too warm because that could cause the glue to melt and create a sticky mess.

2. Mirror mounting or hanging

Mirror mounting or hanging IN Hot Glue Gun

To attach a mirror to a frame or backing, use hot glue. You can use mirror glue and a high-temperature glue gun, and the process is simple and requires minor cleanup. The difference when using this kind of hot glue is that you must be mindful of the heat requirements and the suggested drying time from the manufacturer. If you’re hanging a mirror, be aware that certain types of hot glue need time to set or cure. By keeping this in mind, you can prevent a disaster.

3. Create protective furniture feet

Create protective furniture feet in Hot Glue Gun

You can apply hot glue to the bottoms of furniture legs as protective feet or use it to cover the area on which a rough object, such as a flower pot, rests. On the bottom of a plant pot, dab a small amount of high-temperature glue, about the size of the tip of your thumb, and repeat three or four times across the surface area to create tiny feet. Furthermore, ensure that all adhesive dots are the same size to level your furniture. In addition, making a slightly larger glue dot on the leg that is shorter will help level a table or chair if it was unsteady before. But, before setting your pots or furniture on their feet, ensure the adhesive is sufficiently cool to prevent them from sticking.

4. As an alternative to a clamp

You can also use hot glue to strengthen a junction on an irregularly shaped wooden object that is challenging to clamp. Put some wood glue on the joint you’re forming, add a little hot glue between its lines, and then attach the pieces. And while the wood glue cures, the hot glue can keep the junction securely closed.

5. Create custom knife sheaths

Create custom knife sheaths in Hot Glue Gun

Knives rattling around in a drawer are undoubtedly worn down over time from rubbing against one another. Hence, creating a sheath out of hot glue may resolve this problem and shield you from unintentional cuts when opening your knife drawer. To do that, apply petroleum jelly first on the entire blade’s surface. Then, use low-temperature glue to cover the knife’s surface on both sides completely. And you will have a personalized knife protector once you allow it to cool and remove the glue.

How to clean spilled glue

Hot Glue Gun

If hot glue spills, you can easily clean it up by spritzing it with isopropyl alcohol or dabbing some alcohol on the glue’s borders with a cotton swab. After that, slowly pry up and remove the glue with a scraper. Additionally, in case you accidentally get glue on a cloth, you can remove it by using a hair dryer to heat it just enough to dissolve the glue binding without melting it completely. After that, you ought to be able to peel it off. But always remember to use the proper safety gear when working with a hot glue gun, such as heat-resistant gloves and safety glasses.

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